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Regan Grimes Signs With Yamamoto Nutrition

It’s only been a few weeks since we had the opportunity to catch up with Regan Grimes at the 2022 Arnold Classic, where he shared with us that he signed with Celsius Energy Drink. Regan’s first sponsorship came as an amateur with Fusion. After leaving Fusion, he went on to BPI Sports as one of their premier athletes. Then in 2018, he signed a major deal with Primeval Labs, which seemed like it would be a very long-term deal. While this was a very lucrative deal, Grimes did eventually leave in 2020 to then sign with GAT Supplements. Now the young bodybuilding superstar has just signed with Italy’s Yamamoto Nutrition. This should prove to be an outstanding move for the young phenom, as Yamamoto has been assembling an incredibly impressive team of athletes, which include Flex Lewis, Lauralie Chapados, Brandon Hendrickson, Nathan De Asha, Roelly Winklaar, and many more.

“Starting this season with a BANG! Proud to announce that I have joined forces with Yamamoto Nutrition. An industry leader in Sports Nutrition. Yamamoto’s passion, research, credibility & quality is second to none! Let’s workkk! 267 days until the Olympia and I’m making every single one count!” ~ Regan Grimes

Since becoming an IFBB Pro in 2016, Regan has competed as a Men’s Open Bodybuilder and Men’s Classic Physique, earning him 3 Olympia qualifications so far. Grimes has now made the decision to give it his all in Open Bodybuilding, to pursue his goal of winning the Mr. Olympia Championship. Many in the industry feel Regan has what it takes to win the Olympia title within the next few years. This year he has already punched his ticket to the 2022 Mr. Olympia, by winning the 2021 KO Squad Pro Show in Cairo, Egypt.

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