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PVL Releases The New Orange Collection Total Performance Stack

The secret is out and PVL does not disappoint! PVL releases the new Orange Collection Total Performance Stack.

You can refresh your workouts and recovery with a burst of juicy citrus flavour in your favourite supplement stack! Prepare for tough training sessions with Orange Krush’d DOMIN8 pre-workout, and stay hydrated and energized with their Orange Krush’d EAA+BCAA COMPLETE. When the hard work is done, refuel and recover with PVL's creamy and cool Orange Dreamsicle ISOGOLD protein powder. 

Just in case you didn’t catch it, all the flavours have an orange theme to them. This is verified with the new first-of-its-kind in supplement packaging, scratch-and-sniff label which undoubtedly adds to the consumer experience.

Head over to PVL's website for more details and special stack offer. You'll also notice this special edition bundle comes with a free limited edition shaker bottle themed around the series and featuring that phrase “squeeze the day”.

Orange Collection Total Performance Stack

  1. ISOGOLD 2lbs (908g) - Orange Dreamsicle / 908 g
  2. DOMIN8 - Orange Krush'd / 520 g
  3. EAA + BCAA Complete - Orange Krush'd / 369 g
  4. PVL Squeeze the Day Shaker Cup - 1 Litre

Squeeze the day and Krush those goals! 

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