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Pre4 Pre-Workout


Magnum Pre4 Pre-Workout

Magnum moves like lightning after it unveils a new supplement, so it’s no surprise that after the logo for Magnum Pre4 was posted on Facebook, it was only a minute before supplement stores stocked it and people were throwing up reviews. Magnum’s Pre4 (or PreFo, as it’s known in the US) is more than just a clever name. “Pre4” obviously refers to the fact that you take it pre-workout, before you start training. However, and more importantly, it relates to the four ways in which the product will enhance your workout: The first is that it maximizes your energy level. Next, it has ingredients to enhance your pump and supersaturate your muscles. Then it provides powerful mental focus and intensity. And lastly, it amplifies your mood with concentrated nootropics.

The Hype Behind the Release of Pre4 Pre-Workout

2016 was a big year for Magnum, as it released three products in a short period of time. This is rare for a supplement company, as usually it takes time to develop and formulate a product, hype it up, sell it, then wait for it to gain traction. But if you know anything about the owners, Markus Kaulius and Bert Neibergall, you’ll know they’re two men who believe that there’s no time like the present. In the span of a few months, Magnum unveiled After Burner, Carne Diem, and Drip Dry—three of the key players in its Contest Prep stack. Magnum had to do something to upstage itself, so why not release its most powerful pre-workout to date, Pre4 (PreFo in the US)?

4 Ways Magnum’s Pre4 Pre-Workout Will Enhance Your Lift

As it’s done in the past with all of its products, Magnum has used pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to make Pre4 one of the strongest pre-workout powders on the market. The two ingredients in Pre4 pre-workout that will get people talking are French pine bark extract and Bacopa monnieri extract. The former has been shown in studies to extend blood vessels up to 78 percent, enhancing blood flow and oxygen transport to muscles, which means massive muscle pumps and accelerated recovery (because nutrients can get to your muscles faster post-workout). The latter ingredient is an Indian herb renowned for its ability to aid memory, concentration, and learning. Its purpose is to help regulate serotonin and dopamine, which translates into enhanced cognition, mental focus, concentration, and energy.

The other ingredients in Pre4, such as caffeine, L-theanine, citrulline malate, and acetyl L-carnitine are all standard ingredients in a pre-workout supplement, but remember that what separates Magnum from other companies is the quality of its ingredients and the quantity in which it uses them. Magnum’s nailed the formula in Pre4. You’re getting everything you need, in the qualities you need them, and even a little extra on the side.

Magnum Pre4’s Unique Flavouring

Magnum Pre4 takes it back to the penny candy/7-Eleven bin days by handing out Cola Bottles and Candy Keys flavours. Just like Limitless and Quattro, Pre4 boasts Magnum’s award-winning taste. This isn’t your typical “it tastes like red/blue flavouring”-type supplement. The Cola Bottles genuinely tastes like the gummy cola bottles you’d buy in a store, but it also slightly resembles iced tea, making for a sweet, refreshing pre-workout drink. Both Pre4 and PreFo come in Cola Bottles and Candy Keys, and there are 50 servings (one scoop per serving, 5.2 grams per scoop) in each bottle. They definitely nailed the taste.

How and When to Take Magnum’s Pre4

If you’re not used to taking stims, or have no experience with nootropics, then we suggest starting with half a scoop of Pre4 early in the day, only five to 10 minutes before you train. From there, or if you’re a veteran of the pre-workout game, you can take a full scoop. Taking anything with high doses of caffeine or stimulants isn’t recommended if you’re training later at night, but hey, you know your body better than we do! So if you can handle Pre4 in the afternoon or evening, more power to you! It’s even written on the Pre4 instructions that if you’re really brave, you can go up to two scoops per serving. Good luck with that!

Also note that Magnum recommends that you store Pre4 in the freezer once you open it; this will prevent the nasty clumping/rock-formatting that often occurs if you store your supps in a cool or moist place.

Final Thoughts on Magnum’s Pre4

We’re fans! From the flavouring to the fact that Magnum put a ton of research and science into formulating the ingredient list, and that you only need to take Pre4 five to 10 minutes before you train, to just how insane the pumps are mid-workout, we encourage you to try Magnum’s Pre4.

Jaime Filer