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Perfect Sports Diesel Gets 3 New Flavours

Perfect Sports

Perfect Sports Diesel is the #1 selling New Zealand Whey protein brand in Canada and is their flagship product. The formula is sweetened with Stevia, contains 27g of protein, no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours and no carbs or fats! We just saw that Perfect Sports dropped 3 new flavours (Chocolate Monkey, Triple Rich Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Wafer Crisp). The third flavour (Chocolate Wafer Crisp) is exclusive to GNC so you'll have to go there to get your hands on it. These three new flavours gives us protein junkies 10 tasty flavours to choose from. But these aren’t the only changes happening with Diesel as it also looks like their formula is now Informed Choice certified. You can see the Informed Choice logo on the left panel of the bottle. This is a great move for Perfect Sports and shows consumers that the product is banned substance free so there's no worry of failing a drug test if you're using it. We’re also impressed by the fresh new look of Diesel. The chocolate monkey flavour has small monkeys on it which is really fun and adds some personality to the brand. Chocolate Wafer Crisp looks like a coffee crisp candy bar. YUM! We’re also really glad to see the Triple Rich Dark Chocolate as this is one of the few companies outside of Myprotein, Performance Inspired, Tera’s Whey and Kaha Nutrition to have it. The overall product line for Perfect Sports has been getting some packaging upgrades but we’ll save those changes for another post. We haven't tried these flavours (yet) but we'll let you know when we have. For more info on Perfect Sports, check the brand's website and social media pages.