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MUTANT Rocket Pop Series

With the Summer season in full swing, MUTANT is taking us on a bit of a walk down memory lane with the launch of their new special edition flavor series. We’re excited to see a new Rocket Pop flavor offered across multiple products. While we’ve seen this done on a much larger scale in the past by Redcon1 and with Quebec’s Beyond Yourself more recently, this is indeed the first time MUTANT has done a flavor series. There will be 3 popular products released in this flavor series, featuring the new MUTANT Madness ALL-IN pre-workout, MUTANT BCAA 9.7, and MUTANT GEAAR. Even though each of these premium products is great on its own, this new flavor series makes it perfect for stacking multiple products. These featured items have been produced with custom new labels to compliment this new flavor series. The new package design looks beautiful, featuring the same red, white, and blue colors that you’d see on a classic Rocket Pop you’d get from your neighborhood ice cream truck. This MUTANT Rocket Pop flavor series is launching in Canada first which can be now seen at iammutant.com but we expect to see other countries like the US pick up on these soon.

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