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MuscleTech Rebrand Coming Soon

We’ve heard rumors that MuscleTech’s been working behind the scenes doing a major rebranding to give their products a fresh new look. Back in December 2019, Scott Welch saw a trademark application submitted by one of Iovate’s companies (the makers of MuscleTech) that looked like a new logo. But this could have just been a favicon for a website or image for an App or anything really. Then in February, he saw another trademark application submitted that looked like the logo modified to include the “MuscleTech” word in it. In speaking with different colleagues in the industry, there was word that several major changes were happening at Iovate and MuscleTech including the launch of Conscious Kitchen, the XP Sports gaming line and a complete brand overhaul for MuscleTech.

MuscleTech Rebrand

We reached out to MuscleTech and they provided us with a complete look at their rebrand. The entire portfolio has been organized into three distinct “lines” which cater to different distribution channels and consumer needs. They are the Elite series (the one with grey colored bottles), the Performance series (black colored bottles) and the Health & Fitness series which is in white bottles but ISO WHEY CLEAR looks to be in a clear bottle.It’s definitely an improvement and one we think retailers, distributors and consumers will love. Check back to the brand's website for more updates on the new improved MuscleTech!

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