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MuscleTech Launches Stories of Strength Podcast

MuscleTech has been busy as of late, with so much innovation and support programs they've been involved with. Some good examples of this innovation come with MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear, as well as MuscleTech Grass-Fed 100% Whey Protein. But we’ve also seen some inspiring campaigns from the industry giant like MuscleTech Homes For Our Troops supplements, and the MuscleTech What Are You Made Of campaign.

News just hit that MuscleTech has launched a new podcast called Stories of Strength, where listeners will hear incredible stories of the heroes who inspire us to do great things. Host Jay Cardiello sits down with guests like Gracie Gold, Ryan Hall, and Leslie Osborne to discuss their inspiring journeys. Presented by MuscleTech, the Stories of Strength podcast is an opportunity for us to bear witness to the grit and determination these astounding athletes come face to face with, but still push on to achieve what may seem impossible to many. The latest episode features retired Olympic runner Ryan Hall, where he shares his story of becoming one the greatest American marathon runners, as well as the struggles he went through when facing injuries and retirement, and what it took for him to turn around into the athlete that he is today.

“Over the last three years, MuscleTech has done a complete overhaul in how they market their supplements and put the consumer first. This started with a reduction in the number of products they make, a drastic change of their company logo and packaging to a more modern, futuristic look. This was followed by the addition of some famous brand ambassadors from different genres like actor Henry Cavill, champion marathon runner Ryan Hall, Olympic gymnast Ellie Black, and figure skater Gracie Gold. But we’ve also seen them invest in creating their own branded content to help educate and inspire consumers. The Stories of Strength Podcast is one great example of this which I’m excited to listen to! The Stories of Strength podcast will be truly diverse and MuscleTech tells me that near future guests also include motivational speaker Jessica Cox and LeGrand Coffee House founder Eric LeGrand.” 

- Scott Welch, Muscle Insider

Check out MuscleTech’s Stories of Strength podcast here. For more news and updates from MuscleTech, visit the MuscleTech website and check out their social media pages.To keep up with the latest fitness industry news and product releases, subscribe to our free newsletter!