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Meta Muscle League at 2022 Arnold Expo

As many of you have been following along with us, it was exciting to see our friends at Meta Muscle League debut their bodybuilding-focused NFTs. The debut was a huge success based on traffic and feedback received at their Arnold’s Expo booth. After getting the backing of Arranti (the #1 packaging supplier in the sports supplement industry), they’re set up to scale up faster than they could have anticipated.

Meta Muscle League’s team at the booth talked to hundreds of event-goers that were excited to see an NFT collection built for the fitness industry, as well as tons of compliments on the art and its quality. Lots of people were taking pictures in the booth, many saying they loved the booth's look with the animated characters, and there was lots of excitement on the project's deliverables and roadmap moving forward.

Many big-name athletes like Ron Partlow and other pros stopped by to take pics at the booth and learn about the project. They also launched their collection from a collaboration they did with Performa shakers which was very well received by fans. People who bought a particular NFT got the same NFT printed on the Performa shaker cup! Not only were there a lot of people wanting to learn about NFTs, but there was also a lot of interest and talks with other companies about helping them break into the NFT space and how the Meta Muscle League team (and their parent company Muscle World) can facilitate that.

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