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Iron Vegan Packaging Provided by Arranti

In an industry that's become so used to seeing sports nutrition supplements in standard bottles and tubs, it’s cool to see Iron Vegan take a different approach with their entire lineup of products. Whether you’re looking for their Athlete’s Blend protein, Sprouted Protein, or even the Athlete’s Gainer, you’ll notice they’ve chosen to use Stand-Up Pouches provided by Arranti, recognized as the top packaging supplier in the supplement industry. This was done by design, as a brand like Iron Vegan can’t afford to waste all their efforts coming up with a great formula and skillfully manufacturing it, only to have it damaged in storage or in transit due to subpar packaging.

There’s so much involved in developing a great sports nutrition product, but packaging is one of the most important but often overlooked considerations. Any exposure to light, heat, cold, humidity, oxygen, ozone, and even altitude can cause quick degradation of the entire formula. This is where packaging becomes one of the most important considerations in preventing any of this while giving brands an opportunity to showcase the cool side of their innovative formulas.

Iron Vegan products have different specifications for each pouch, which ensures that their supplements are protected from light, moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors that can reduce shelf life. When helping Iron Vegan select their packaging, the team at Arranti ensured that all Iron Vegan pouches were made from special materials that are durable, strong, have great oxygen and moisture barriers that keep their supplements fresh. Arranti also offers digital, flexo, gravure, 100% recyclable, and compostable pouches.

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