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Flora Launches Red Beet Crystals Under Salus Brand

Many of us grew up with our moms trying to get us to eat red beets, professing to us how good they are for us. While we may have developed an appreciation for the taste as we age, it’s not likely you enjoyed them growing up. It appears that mom was really onto something and this is where Flora’s new Red Beet Crystals come into play. Red beets are high in nitrates which are outstanding for increasing nitric oxide production and thus improving blood flow. Important for any competitive athlete but also great for health, circulation, nutrient delivery, and more. There are numerous studies conducted that suggest dietary nitrates may enhance athletic performance. One such published study concludes that dietary nitrates affect physical performance by improving the efficiency of mitochondria, which are responsible for producing energy in your cells. The instantly soluble Flora Red Beet Crystals make a great addition to your shakes, smoothies, pre-workouts, soups, and many other meal or snack choices, or simply mix a 10 gram serving in water two to four times daily before meals. Each 200-gram jar of Flora Red Beet Crystals contains the equivalent to 2.5 kg of whole organic red beets.

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