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FitGal Activewear

FitGal Activewear

FitGal Activewear Review

Heard of FitGal Activewear? Muscle Insider is constantly searching for workout clothes that fit an athletic body. This time, we put FitGal Activewear to the test! FitGal Activewear is a women’s fitness clothing line that we found holds up to intense workouts while looking good. Too many brands of activewear look great on, but have fallen apart on us at the seams only after a few workouts. Meanwhile, performance-based workout clothes that last through the test of time are usually so boring in design that we have to drag our feet to go to the gym. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about. Well, the search is over because FitGal Activewear gets our approval in both function and fashion.

FitGal Fits Gals

Measuring up to its name, FitGal Activewear leggings contour to the shape of your legs comfortably, giving you a better workout. The blue mesh workout leggings are made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. The clever mesh cut-out design isn’t just there for fashion appeal; it provides breathability during your workout to help cool you down. We were most impressed with FitGal Activewear’s durability and stretch of the fabric. It’s made to keep up with your most hardcore moments at the gym. After you’ve taken them through a number at the gym, don’t be shy to wash them in the laundry machine because they still keep their shape after repeated washes. The days of suffering from stretched-out leggings are gone!

FitGal Activewear Styles You Right

FitGal Activewear isn’t just functional gym wear. The blue mesh workout leggings we tried out are cleverly designed to have seam patterns that highlight your quad sweep in the front and hamstring curves in the back. The high waistline band accentuates a small waist and lifts your bum. Ladies, these leggings will not only make you look hawt in the gym but, more importantly, also give you the confidence you’re looking for to crank out a more intense workout … because that’s what it’s all about, right? [Wink, wink!] The distinctive designs of FitGal Activewear will guarantee you’ll be working out in style. Everyone wears Nike and Adidas to the gym. Be that girl and show up with truly unique pieces that will turn the heads of both guys and girls!

FitGal Activewear Shocks Us in Their Prices

In a clothing market where there’s so much choice these days with workout clothes, we’ve really come across a diamond in the rough with FitGal Activewear. It has high-quality clothing at a surprisingly inexpensive price. Leggings are between $25 and $40, and sports bras are $25 to $30. Our favourites are the super-cute crisscross designs on the sports bras. The hoodies range from $40 to $50, and you can get fully outfitted for $70. Other clothes include tanks, sweatshirts, jackets, and long-sleeved workout tops. A sizing chart can be found on the website, fitgalactivewear.com. We have found the chart to be true to the sizing. Although the company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, it ships worldwide.

This is a fairly new company, having started only in 2016, but it’s definitely a brand to watch out for. It seems like it’s still in the building phase with the clothing line, because we love each piece and can’t wait to see the collection expand! However, as with any young brand, we have to be patient and if you’re like us, you’ll want to get their clothes now while FitGal Activewear is still at the forefront of its growth. A fresh brand like this that understands what a girl wants in fitness fashion is definitely poised to become a staple in our closets. Now is the time to grab as many pieces as you can to stand out at the gym.

Check out FitGal Activewear on Instagram and Facebook as well as here on their website:

Images Courtesy of Instagram and FitGal Activewear