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Chase Savoie Comes Back to ALLMAX

Yesterday we were greeted with a post from ALLMAX Nutrition that showed what looked like the Terminator and they asked fans to guess who's coming back! By looking at the hairstyle, chiseled jaw, traps, and throat, we knew it could only be IFBB Pro Chase Savoie. Fans will remember that ALLMAX was the first major company to sponsor Chase a few years back. He then experimented with endorsing GAT SPORTS supplements, but he's now come back to ALLMAX Nutrition and we couldn't think of a better fit for him.

ALLMAX has been on fire this past year dropping new products such as Tudca, All Mass, Fuel Injector GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent), Meal Prep, and several new flavours of other hugely popular products. Chase has one of the most complete physiques in the IFBB Pro circuit amongst the men's physique competitors. Check out his secrets to a 6-pack to see how he gets those chiseled abs! We think this is a smart move for Savoie’s career and a great fit for ALLMAX. With recent signings such as Johnnie Jackson, Chase joins his teammates Steve Kuclo, Amanda Latona, and Matt Pattison, plus a host of others who build their physiques with some of the best supplements in the industry. We hope to see Chase back on the Olympia stage and we're confident that with the help of ALLMAX supplements, he’ll definitely get there. Visit allmaxnutrition.com for all your supplement needs.