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Carnivore RTD


Innovation reigns supreme with MuscleMeds Carnivor RTD

MuscleMeds broke the bold when they made CARNIVOR, their beef protein isolate powder, which is know for its great taste and quality muscle building ingredients. They've done it again by creating CARNIVOR RTD - The first protein shake to be made with USDA inspected beef protein! How insane is that?! They took their normal high protein Carnivor supplement, and made it convenient and ready to drink for you!

Why MuscleMeds Carnivor RTD is different from others

MuscleMeds Carnivor RTD contains 40 grams of muscle building protein per serving with 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 sugar, 0 lactose and 0 gluten. There's nothing in it with protein, plus, CARNIVOR RTDs also contain the same amino acids from high quality beef protein, in addition to regular branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).

CARNIVOR RTD's pure beef protein isolate uses USDA inspected, non-GMO, rBST free and hormone free beef! The beef protein isolate in CARNIVOR RTDs is hydrolyzed for super-fast absorption and is more concentrated in amino acids than whey isolate - This means more muscle for you. 

What is hydrolyzed beef protein - And why does MuscleMeds CARNIVOR RTD use it

Beef is one of nature’s best protein sources because it's chock full of amino acids for muscle-building. Now, you can get all the anabolic benefits of pure beef in a great tasting, high protein RTD. The reason MuscleMeds CARNIVOR RTDs uses an advanced hydrolysis process to which ends up removing all the unwanted fat and cholesterol. This advanced hydrolysis process yields a delicious, easy-to-digest and highly bioavailable concentrated pure beef protein isolate. The more readily availble and easily broken down the protein, the easier it is for your body to digest and use.


The 6-stage Hydrolyze process of MuscleMeds CARNIVOR RTDs

This patended MuscleMeds hydrolyzing process for Carnivor RTD is intricately designed.

This 6-stage process includes the following steps:
1) Particle Reduction Cycle: The first step is to selectively obtain all the “good stuff” (protein, amino acids) from the beef while leaving the “bad stuff” (fat, cholesterol) behind. This is done through a delicate Particle Reduction Cycle, which improves the protein extraction.
2) Thermal Hydrolysis: Next, the beef goes through Thermal Hydrolysis to obtain the desired “pre-digested” hydrolyzed beef protein isolate (BPI).
3) Cold Filtration Process: It then goes through another cold filtration process to remove anything else except the pure protein we are looking for.
4) Low Temperature Evaporation: This process maintains the integrity of the protein and amino acids, removes excess moisture and achieves an “instant powder” that you can mix with anything.
5) Spray Drying: This is a key process often overlooked. This is also done at a low temperature to maintain as much of the “natural” components of the beef as possible and to improve the digestibility of the powder.
6) Test Process: Finally, the BPI goes through a rigorous testing process and is USDA approved to ensure it’s the highest purity and quality.


Flavors and Serving sizes of MuscleMeds CARNIVOR RTD

MuscleMeds CARNIVOR RTD comes in delicious Chocolate + Vanilla Caramel flavors. Each RTD bottle is 499ml of refreshing, awesome beef protein isolate! Ideally, you take one post-workout to maximize the anabolic effect of protein, but you can also take it any time of day where you'll go hours without eating, or don't have time to prepare meals.

Jaime Filer