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Candy Bar Company The Ferrero Group Acquires FULFIL Nutrition

By: Scott Welch

The Ferrero Group (makers of Nutella®, Kinder®, Ferrero Rocher® ,Tic Tac® and more) have acquired FULFIL Nutrition, the protein bar company which has sales in the Asian, UK, Ireland, and other European markets. The Ferrero Group plans to maintain and further build FULFIL’s strong brand authenticity, while supporting the company and its distributors with innovation and expansion to new markets and categories. So expect more bars and snacks coming and in more places! As part of the transaction, The Ferrero Group will take over the brands’ portfolio, and plans to retain the management, the distributors and the employees of the business. We’re not sure how long this primes will last but time will tell. This move will enable Ferrero to expand into the healthy snacks segment, meeting the evolving needs and trends of consumers. Many other candy bar companies have broken into the sports nutrition and functional foods market either by licencing their brand names to sports nutrition companies, launching their protein bars or by simply acquiring protein bar companies. Muscle Insider's Scott Welch reported the below acquisitions that reinforce this:

  • In October 2017, Kellogg's bought RXBAR for $600 million.
  • In August 2019, The Simply Good Foods Company bought Quest Nutrition for $1 billion dollars.
  • In the same month, The Hershey Company bought One Bar for nearly $400 Million.
  • March 2021, Cadbury owner Mondelez bought Grenade for £200m ($277,296,200 USD at the time of purchase).

Source: The Ferrero Group