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Ballistic Labs Berberine SuperCyclo Preview

Over the past year, Ballistic Labs has been busy with not only a full-scale rebranding of its product line, but they've also released several new products such as Big Boy a new non-stim pre-workout, a whey protein blend called Brotein, and their whey isolate Iso-Lit. The team's been at it again with the release of the new Berberine SuperCyclo™ (Berberine-Cyclodextrin complex). With each capsule containing 200 mg Berberine-Cyclodextrin complex, you can enjoy eating your favourite carbs while storing less fat and having a more balanced energy. Berberine SuperCyclo can also help with better pumps at the gym just from taking one capsule before a moderate to high carbohydrate meal.


Several studies have shown the effectiveness of Berberine as a glucose disposal agent (GDA). Berberine has been found to increase glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and it also inhibits α-glucosidase activities, as well as promoting glucose uptake in muscle cells. It works by increasing phosphorylation of the insulin receptor insulin receptor substrate-1, and protein kinase B. But Berberine’s main mechanism is through activation of Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) while inhibiting the enzyme Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B), which is a negative regulator of the leptin and insulin signaling pathways and can also lead to insulin resistance and the resulting increased storage of glucose as fat.

For the muscle cells to increase their access to obtaining energy, they trigger the activity of AMPK enzymes. This facilitates the uptake of glucose and fatty acids from the blood and delivers it to the cells. Due to this enzyme, the breakdown of glycogen and fat is excessively increased which prevents the excessive storage of fat and glycogen.


The biggest drawback with regular Berberine is that the bioavailability is extremely low. Only about 0.36% of orally ingested regular Berberine can enter the systemic circulation. Berberine SuperCyclo™ is Berberine contained within a beta-cyclodextrin delivery system. Cyclodextrins are sugar molecules bound into a doughnut-shape, which can be used to increase the solubility of other insoluble compounds. The insoluble compound is held in the hydrophobic cavity, and the cyclodextrin acts as a water-soluble “carrier” molecule. This makes Berberine SuperCyclo™ more soluble leading to better absorbability rate over normal Berberine.

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