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Apollon Nutrition Molotov Fat Burner Preview

As we get ready to wrap up the old year and ring in the new, what better time than now to launch a brand new fat burner to help assist in our New Year fat loss goals? Today marks the day the team at Apollon Nutrition are launching its new Molotov fat burner. This is stimulant-free, with intense thermogenic properties, zero fillers, and a completely transparent supplement facts panel. You won’t find any proprietary blends in this formula, only high-quality ingredients, most of which are branded and backed by clinical studies.

Apollon Nutrition describes this new fat-burner in a rather unique way. “Few things in life deliver the sense of impending doom or infernal damnation like a molotov cocktail. A few simple ingredients and you’ve got the makings of true terror. We’ve taken that same approach and mindset to MOLOTOV.”

Molotov by Apollon Nutrition is formulated with only a few key ingredients, combined to increase white-to-brown adipose tissue conversion, kicking up your body’s thermogenesis, providing enhanced energy expenditure, all of which lead to helping you burn more body fat. The formula contains only 5 ingredients, the first of which is 2,000 mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, which is thought to be the most effective form of L-carnitine to aid brain function that may benefit people with neurodegenerative diseases. In this application, its purpose is to help with the production of energy in the body by transporting fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria. You will also find 50 mg of Gamma-Butyrobetaine (GBB) HCl, which has been referred to as the “Super Carnitine” as this is the molecule that your body converts into L-Carnitine when naturally producing its own carnitine. GBB has been found to aid in fat loss, but it also has a high level of thermogenesis, especially when taken pre-workout.

Then we get into the real meat of this formula, with 500 mg of MitoBurnTM L-BAIBA by NNB Nutrition. In a clinical study, BAIBA was found to stimulate differentiation of white adipose tissue (WAT) to brown adipose tissue (BAT) under in vivo and in vitro conditions in human pluripotent stem cells. WAT is where the body stores fat, but BAT is where the body burns fat. BAT is a metabolically active thermogenic fat that increases energy expenditure to raise body temperature. This is very beneficial when it comes to fat loss.

Apollon Nutrition Molotov also contains 225 mg of Paradoxine®, a branded ethanol extract of Grains of Paradise.

Last but not least, we see the addition of 100 mg Capsimax® capsicum extract, a whole-food red chili pepper extract. Capsimax is produced with Omnibead technology, that delivers effective levels of heat generation without stomach upset that may result from unprotected extracts of red chili peppers. Capsimax is found to provide 3 key benefits when it comes to fat loss. It helps enhance to body’s metabolic rate by generating heat in the body, thus leading to increased calorie burning. Capsimax also supports the mobilization of stored fat to be used as energy, as well it helps control appetite, reduce feelings of hunger, and the desire to snack.

Since Apollon Nutrition Molotov is a non-stimulant fat burner, it can be used effectively on its own, or stacked with your favorite pre-workout to give your training a real thermogenic kick, and have your fat really feel the burn.

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