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Allmax Tudca Preview

ALLMAX Nutrition has just launched another new product to its Essentials line. The new ALLMAX Nutrition TUDCA liver protectant has been formulated to help with liver detoxification, support for overall liver health, and is a source of anti-oxidants. Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (also known as TUDCA) is a water-soluble bile acid (salt) that's naturally occurring in the body. It has shown great potential for counteracting the toxicity of other bile acids when used to treat cholestasis (bile acid backup in the liver). Our bodies do not produce a large amount of TUDCA, so oral supplementation is an effective way to increase the level within the body to improve liver function. Each capsule of ALLMAX TUDCA provides 250 mg TUDCA (as tauroursodeoxycholic acid). With a suggested use of taking 1 capsule twice a day, the 60 capsule bottle will last you for a 1 month supply.

For more info on the new ALLMAX TUDCA, visit the ALLMAX Nutrition website and check out their social media channels.

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