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Winklaar Brothers Set for Rare Face-Off At Arnold Australia

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In what’s believed to be a bodybuilding first, IFBB pros and brothers Roelly and Quincy Winklaar are going up against each other at the Arnold Australia in March. Roelly is coming off a 2018 win at the Prague Pro after placing a personal-best 3rd at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, while younger brother Quincy is moving up after spending his career in the 212 division and looking for his first pro win.

The last time the brothers were on stage together in the same bodybuilding class was at the 2005 European Championships in Germany.

The Dutch treat battling The Beast against The Q comes from two continents: While both were born in Curacao (in the formerly called Netherlands Antilles), Roelly (age 41) now calls Rotterdam in The Netherlands home. Quincy (35) lives on the island of Curacoa, which sits about 40 miles off the Venezuelan coast.

The Arnold Australia features a lineup of former Arnold Classic champions. Roelly is the defending Australia champion, while William Bonac, also from The Netherlands (but born in Ghana), is the 2018 Arnold Classic (U.S.) champion. Also competing are U.S. Arnold Classic champions Cedric McMillan (2017) and Victor Martinez (2007), as well as 2013 Arnold South America winner Brandon Curry.

There are other famous brothers in the history of bodybuilding, but none reportedly went head-to-head in a professional competition. Brothers Mike and Ray Mentzer competed in the late ‘70s but under events sanctioned by different organizations. Each of them even won the most-prestigious world title he competed in. They both eventually competed under the IFBB but didn’t appear in the same contest. 

The Barbarian Twins were a famous pairing of fraternal twins. Peter Paul and David Paul never competed, according to a Sports Illustratedarticle in 1982. They did star in a number of Hollywood films however, including “The Barbarians” (1987) and “Double Trouble” (1982).


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