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Virtual Reality Bodybuilding Now Available

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Bodybuilding.Com Founder Moves on to New Technology

Ryan DeLuca is a guy with the Midas touch. You might know him as the founder of Bodybuilding.com, a 500-million-dollar industry staple. But currently, he holds the title of BlackBox VR CEO. DeLuca set up Bodybuilding.com when he was in his teens, and although it began as a small start-up, it soon became the Mecca/hub for nutritional supplements it is today. DeLuca resigned a little over six months ago, but his hands haven’t had a chance to be idle, and his plans and ambition for another start-up are just as lofty as they were back in 1997.

He rounded up a bunch of players from the tech scene in Boise, Idaho, and built a virtual reality gym. Wait, what? Yup, BlackBox VR (VR stands for “virtual reality”) aims to sell virtual-reality headsets to people who want to leap, pull, and navigate through a virtual world designed as a workout, without leaving the comfort of their homes. He’s put two million dollars of his own money into the project, so needless to say, he’s invested in this project both financially and physically.

Watch the video below to see how the technology works, and DeLuca’s vision for the company as a whole.

DeLuca says his plans include opening beta gyms for wealthy patrons in Manhattan and Beverly Hills to start, then maybe expanding from there. BlackBox VR could open its own gyms, license its equipment and technology, or operate on a franchise model. 

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