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Steve Kuclo Gets Engaged To Michelle Sylvia

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Last year, we saw a nasty breakup between Amanda Latona and Steve Kuclo who got married back in February 2015. The news spread all over the internet after Nick Trigili broke the controversial story of Steve Kuclo’s infidelity on YouTube which fans of both Amanda and Steve were shocked to see. Unfortunately, Steve was having an affair with Michelle Sylvia that only a select few in the industry knew was going on behind the scenes. But once the controversy was out in the open, Amanda Latona became very vocal about the breakup and the once perfect marriage was revealed to be not what it seemed. People grow apart sometimes and only Steve and Amanda know exactly what happened to their marriage, but this post is about the positive news of Steve Kuclo getting engaged to Michelle Sylvia.

Steve Kuclo Engaged to Michelle Sylvia

A recent post on Instagram showed the newly engaged couple in Cabo after she “said yes”. We wish them all the best on the next chapter of their lives and hope the marriage is a success. "Paradise trip in Cabo… our first vacation together. After a crazy 5 months of contest prep, moving, business and life… we needed some much needed R&R for us and to get ready for the next 5 months of life!"

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