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Sergi Constance Joints Camel Crew, Moves to Classic Physique

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Image courtesy of @sergiconstance on Instagram

As we reported weeks ago, in an attempt to take his physique to the next level, Regan Grimes joined Bader Boodai's Camel Crew in Kuwait. He wants to be the best in his class at every show, and knows that the Anabolic Chicken out there is the way to go. He needs to improve his strengths, and completely obliterate his weaknesses. Teaming up with one of the best coaches in the industry right now is a surefire way to do that. Turns out that Sergi Constance is jumping on that train as well, and aims to improve his already stellar physique by taking up training time at Oxygen Gym with the O2 team! So that makes Regan, Sergi, and Big Ramy the top 3 big guys out there right now, with perennial champ Ahmad Ashkanani holding down the fort for the 212 division. Other champs like Brandon Curry, Victor Martinez, Jon DelaRosa and Roelly Winklaar are also part of the Camel Crew.  

But back to Sergi... Rather than remain in Men’s Physique, where he was doing alright (but clearly held too much muscle for what the division was looking for), Sergi Constance has instead decided to move to the Classic Physique division where he could put on more size to suit his frame.



Follow the process, get the results . Team @o2_gyms @kemo_1982 @ahmad_askar_1 @bader_boodai . #BeLegend #oxigen #kuwait

A post shared by Sergi Constance (@sergiconstance) on Nov 3, 2017 at 6:46am PDT


It's no surprise that in a gym with that reputation, all the best guys would come out at the same time to motivation and inspire each other. So while out in Kuwait recently, Sergi, Regan and top open weight bodybuilder/2017 Olympia runner-up Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay all hung out together.



Take a look at the photo below to see just how well Sergi will do in Men's Classic Physique with all that size! The guy is almost as big as Regan - CRAZY! We know he'll do well in his new home at Oxygen Gym, and also feel at home in the Classic Physique division in 2018