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Schwarzenegger Narrates In Wonders of the Sea Movie

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“You protect what you love,” and that’s exactly what Jean-Michael Cousteau is trying to do. After 71 years of diving in deep waters, he was struggling to see the beautiful wonders of the ocean through polluted waters. In his attempt to save the ocean and the treasures that live in it, he knew he had to share its deepest secrets. Cousteau solicited the idea and footage to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

After viewing it, Arnold knew, “it’s an important film, with an important message.” Not only is Arnold a producer of this amazing 3-D documentary, but he also narrates it. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had an impressive career doing many things and being exceptional at all of them, but this is his first time narrating a full-length film. Arnold once again proves naysayers wrong. Directors once mocked him and told him there had never been a leading actor with a German accent. 

After viewing Wonders of the Sea, Arnold wanted to bring this “visual feast” to the world, not only sharing its beauty through entertainment, but sharing its message: “from an environmental point of view, let’s keep our ocean clean.”

Wonders of the Sea is scheduled to be released in Canada on February 1, and is currently in theatres in America. 


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