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San Marino Pro - Last opportunity for IFBB Pro card in 2017

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In light of the recent split between the NPC/IFBB Pro League and the IFBB, the Amateur San Marino Pro will play host to the ONLY IFBB Professional Qualifier this year. That means this show will be the only way to Professional Status with the IFBB Professional League, including the Olympia.

NO other contests will be aknowledged!

The Olympia Amateur Europe and San Marino Pro is the only pro event on Italian territory, making it a unique and awesome experience for athletes and attendees.

There will be the Olympia Amateur Europe with athletes coming from all over Europe, around 400 athletes. The expo and competition will take place at the Multieventi Palace; it’s the Olympic Center of San Marino. 

The most longed-for occurrence of Italian bodybuilding, this show keeps growing in international credibility and reputation. Previous editions have been a crescendo of talent, both in terms of hosts participation and quality: More than 5000 people took part in PRO and AMATEUR competitions, workshops and Brands expos over the last few years.
The event represents a unique opportunity for Italian and European athletes, sports trainers, fans and consumers markets, as well as offering special access to the best supplements and sportswear brands in the world. 

Registered athletes: 400
Audience live: 8000 people
Audience of event: 1.000.000 fans
International Media Coverage
Presence of athletes of the world's highest level and IFBB Pro Stars
Area Expo with booths
Workshops with International Special Guest

For more information, check our the Facebook event page and the website!