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Redcon1 Sponsors MUSCLE INSIDERs Olympia Coverage

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We’re pleased to announce that Redcon1 is the official sponsor of MUSCLE INSIDER’s coverage of the 2019 Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend! We’ll be doing live contest coverage at MuscleInsider.com and on all our social media platforms.

This year’s Olympia will see the crowning of a new Mr. Olympia as Shawn Rhoden is not competing. Who will win bodybuilding’s greatest title? Can Dexter “the Blade” Jackson get his second Olympia title? He’s the most symmetrical athlete in the event but at 50 years of age, will time be the limiting factor to his legacy? Perhaps this is the year Brandon Curry finally captures the Olympia crown. He’s won the Arnold Classic USA title but can he win the greatest contest of them all? Not if William “the conquer” Bonac has anything to say about it. Since firing his trainer Neil Hill, William is more determined than ever to make this his year. He has the size and shape but he'll have to get through the super massive Roelly Winklaar who’s been gaining even more muscle than we ever thought possible on his frame! Roelly has been making tremendous gains since last year's third place Olympia finish which issued warning to all that he’s now at the top of his game. It’s going to be a fight to the finish and we’re super pumped that Redcon1 stepped up to the plate to give fans the contest coverage they expect from Muscle Insider. 

Olympia Contest Coverage Schedule

As a company, Redcon1 has been immersed in the bodybuilding culture since their inception. From sponsoring local NPC shows to live streaming events like the Arnold Sports Festival and everything in between. Redcon1 is a company that recognizes the hard work and dedication that goes into stepping on stage and we’re excited to partner with them at this year’s Olympia coverage. The action kicks off on Tuesday, September 10th as we cover the Olympia amateur contest uploading photos and videos with competitors looking to win their IFBB pro card. As the Olympia week rolls out, we’ll give you an inside view of the setup of the Olympia as they merchandise the Orleans Casino for the greatest bodybuilding contest in the world. 

For exclusive Olympia contest coverage, follow all of our digital platforms below as we’ll be posting different content on each: