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Martin Kjellstrom Arrested

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IFBB Pro Martin Kjellstrom arrested!

Martin Kjellstrom has been wanted internationally for more than a year.

Now, he has been apprehended, and returned to Sweden, says Christopher Mueller, director of the National Criminal Investigation Department - International section.The 42-year-old bodybuilder from Gothenburg was one of the convicted ringleaders in the giant doping scandal that was uncovered in 2009.

Back then, 40 police officers from nine different police forces took part in what was called "Operation Liquid." This operation around the country led to some 60 convictions.

42-year-old Kjellstrom was convicted of, among other serious doping violations, aiding and abetting, and aggravated trafficking. The punishment was imprisonment for two years and nine months, a penalty that the bodybuilder himself thought was unduly harsh. In an interview shortly after his arrest in 2009, he told a local paper that he doped himself daily. He was not particularly repentant.

"It does not matter what I do with my body as long as it does not affect anyone else. But it's clear that I'm sorry, this is destroying me and my family."

When it was time to appear to serve his sentence in 2012, he never showed up - he had fled abroad.

On June 4, he was arrested in England, according to Christopher Mueller, at the National Criminal Investigation Department. On July 24, 2014 he was transported back to Sweden. 


Competition History:
2013 IFBB Tijuana Pro Show, 2nd
2013 IFBB EVLs Prague Pro,12th
2013 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 14th
2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 12th
2011 IFBB Europa Super Show, Dallas, 8th
2009 IFBB Sacramento, 9th
2009 IFBB Olympia, 16th
2009 IFBB Iron Man Pro, 13th
2008 NPC Eastern USA BodyBuilding, Figure & Fitness Competition, NP
2008 IFBB Romanian Pro Grand Prix, 3rd
2008 IFBB Atlantic City Pro, 16th
2008 IFBB New York Mens Pro, 7th
2008 IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix VIII, 9th
2007 IFBB Santa Susanna Bodybuilding & Figure Contest
2007 IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix, 4th
2007 IFBB Iron Man Pro, 17th
2006 IFBB New York Pro, NP
2006 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro, 15th
2006 IFBB Iron Man Pro