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Kali Muscle Delivers Stern Warning

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In a recent YouTube video Kali “Muscle” Kirkendall warned bodybuilders of the dangers associated with the abuse of PEDs. The 18 minute video is a plea to take heed his advice and experiences with bodybuilding.

A born athlete, Kali was a three-sport competitor who earned a football scholarship to Fresno State. During his time in college, Kali was arrested and sentenced to 11 years in prison. In that time Kali noted that he was able to maintain a muscular physique despite a terrible diet and poor conditions. As with many athletes, the natural progression after retiring young from their sport is to take up bodybuilding. And that’s exactly what he did.

In 2009, Kali Muscle began competing in bodybuilding with the Orange County Classic where he won his weight class. He subsequently experienced some success early on. Fast forward to November 2021; Kali suffered a heart attack and was admitted to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery as doctors diagnosed him with a 100% blockage of his "main artery" (left main coronary artery). Coincidently enough, it was on the same day as Shawn Rhoden’s passing.

With all this happening at once, it was a huge wake up call. Kali is happy to be alive and has shifted some of his focus to speak up and offer a stern warning:

“…Y’all bodybuilders out there…Quit Bro! You’re gonna die young. Simple as that! I was 46, I was lucky to live through it. I had my heart attack the same day as Shawn. I just didn’t want to announce it because I don’t want to overshadow his death or whatever. Men could still be alive. Cedric, Shawn, George Peterson, ‘Mountain Dog’…the list goes on.”

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