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Hadi Choopan to Compete at the Olympia?

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Fans of Hadi Choopan will be excited to learn that we might be seeing him at the Olympia this fall! Recently, Hadi competed at the Vancouver Pro and won that show, shocking the audience as he displayed one of the hardest physiques we've seen in years.

The crowd favourite, Choopan competed in the open class and defeated veteran competitors such as Nathan De Asha, Josh Wade, and Iain Valliere. Trained by the pro creator Hany Rambod, Hadi has had one of the most unbelievable physiques we’ve seen in years. Unfortunately, because of the travel ban that the United States has in place against Iran, the chances of seeing Hadi compete anywhere in the US, let alone the Olympia, have been slim and none. But all that's changed now. According to RxMuscle, AMI (the promoter of the Olympia) is trying to help Hadi get his visa so that he could be exempt from these rules and obtain a special travel exception to allow him to be on the Olympia stage. If Hadi is allowed to compete, this will be a very dangerous situation for Dexter Jackson, Roelly Winklaar, Brandon Curry and William Bonac, who are the odds-on favourites to win this competition. With Shawn Rhoden being out of the Olympia, it's anyone's game this year, and we think Hadi has a very strong chance of winning.

Bonac recently fired his trainer, Neil Hill, so we don't know how his conditioning will be without the watchful eye of Neil in his corner. There are storylines brewing each day, and Dan Solomon has done a phenomenal job of getting an increase in sponsorship of the Olympia and support with media properties such as Wings of Strength and Muscle Insider and all of the AMI titles. We hope Hadi is permitted to compete at the Olympia and does obtain a special visa to fulfill his lifelong dream of one day competing at the Olympia. It would be even better if we could see him win this show.


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