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Fouad Abiad Shares Update on Hosstile Sponsored Athletes

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

Besides the action on bodybuilding stages, the biggest news in the sport comes from athlete sponsorship updates, and Hosstile CEO Fouad Abiad provided a big update when it comes to two valuable members of his roster, Justin Shier and Nathan Epler.

In a YouTube video published on May 2, 2023, Abiad shared that he wanted to address news and rumors about the two IFBB Pros head on. This isn’t a common practice in the supplement world, which is why Abiad wanted to do so.

Abiad confirmed that both Epler and Shier are technically no longer contracted to his company. He disclosed that Epler’s contract actually expired without being renewed, but that doesn’t mean he’s moving on to another company.

“Nate’s been with us for two years. He’s done a lot for us and is an amazing bodybuilder, and he has an amazing future,” Abiad said. “Sometimes, when you’re trying to negotiate a new contract, things work out or they don’t work out, and we’re actually still in talks.”

Abiad concluded this portion of the video by explaining they are still negotiating terms of a new contract if Epler was to remain with the brand. However, in an Instagram post made on May 4th, Epler announced that he would not be resigning with Hosstile.

“Quick update for everyone! I will not be resigning with @hosstilesupps It was so much fun and great memories/opportunities. I’m extremely thankful for everything Hosstile, @fouadabiad and @sommerabiad did for me the last 2 years.”

As for Shier, Abiad expressed that he did everything in his power to re-sign the 2021 NPC Nationals Heavyweight winner, but Shier is looking to follow a different path.

“I've offered him you know whatever he kind of wants, but he feels he wants a change of direction to maybe do something a little different, to maybe have a different experience.”

Abiad also explained that Shier feels he may not be in the sport for a long time, and he wants to explore as many possibilities and opportunities as possible, which he personally feels is okay, even if it means leaving his brand. Abiad released Shier from his contract before it expired, and he shared that he hopes that Shier will still join him on the “Bro Chat” podcast occasionally.

Neither athlete have announced a new sponsor as of this writing. Hosstile still has 2023 Arnold Classic Champion Samson Dauda as their star athlete, and they are also working with coach Ben Chow. It also remains to be seen if this means Hosstile will look to sign new athletes. Abiad did end the video by teasing his supporters of what may be coming in 2023.

“We have a lot of changes coming this year.”

Muscle Insider will share more about both Shier and Epler’s new sponsors if they make announcements in the near future.

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