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Canadian IFBB Pro Scott Milne Dead

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According to sources, Canadian IFBB Pro Scott Milne has died.

We don’t have any details on what the cause of death was as we’re still collecting ourselves over this shocking news. Those who knew Scott can attest to the big heart he always carried around and his friendly nature. Like fellow Canadian mass monster Greg Kovacs, Scott Milne had some of the greatest genetics for building size and strength we have ever seen in Canada.

Scott was sponsored by many supplement companies over his career including like MuscleTech, Mutant, Cygen Labs, Ballistic and Venice Beach Muscle Research.

He was also featured in a number of TV commercials for Ruffles, Scotiabank, McDonalds, as well as an episode of the Canadian sitcom “Being Erica”. But his biggest TV role was on the Los Angeles based Battle Dome where he played the Canadian muscle warrior known as “Moose”.  

Scott was a fixture at all Canadian bodybuilding shows, especially those taking place in western Ontario where he and his family lived for many years. Our hearts go out to Scott Milne’s family and the many friends who he touched over his life. To read more on Scott Milne, visit this link.


*Images courtesy of Facebook

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