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Brad Rowe Tears Quad

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Brad Rowe is a retired IFBB Pro and Olympian, as well as a Celebrity Trainer. There has been lots happening with Brad lately, including training Mike Tyson for his return to the ring. Unfortunately, last week Rowe shared the news that he has ruptured his quad tendon completely off the bone. The injury occurred while shooting hoops, which is nothing out of the ordinary for him. As he jumped, the tendon felt like it exploded, causing him to fall hard to the ground.

Being one to never let obstacles stop him, he has developed a recovery plan that he is sure will get him back in top form as soon as possible. Rowe shared his recovery plan, which will rely heavily on a hyperbaric chamber, peptides, PEMF, ozone therapy, BFR, and the Neubie. About 18 months ago Brad had stem cells, cultivated from his bone marrow, injected into his L3/L4, L4/L5, L5/S1 to alleviate herniation issues. Brad is working out protocols with his doctor for the use of stem cells and amniotic fluid treatments for his ruptured quad tendon. He explains that for the quad tendon, they will use stem cells derived from red blood cells, as they have been shown to provide better results than those cultivated from fat or bone marrow.

Also known as “The Electrician”, Rowe uses the Neubie with his clients. When he first rolled the machine into Gold’s Gym Venice, most of the bodybuilding industry thought he was crazy, while others thought he was a modern-day snake oil salesman. Now after 2 years of working with some of the top Olympic athletes, Olympians, NFL, NBA, and MMA stars, people are really taking notice. The machine harnesses the power of the nervous system to help people to heal, adapt, and grow.

“I created a concept centered around this machine and have contracts in place to open up the best Life Enhancement Center in the country this Summer.” Rowe continues, “Can’t wait to see what another 2 years of being “The Electrician” brings.”

We want to wish Brad a speedy and full recovery. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

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