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BodyPower Acquires UK Rights to Flex and Muscle & Fitness

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Although his name may not be as renowned or famous as “Arnold” or “Phil”, Nick Orton is one you’ll want to remember, as he’s becoming one of the most powerful people in the bodybuilding industry. Nick Orton is the CEO of ‘BodyPower’ and ‘Physique Elite’, two global fitness media companies. Born an entrepreneur, Nick showed flair at a young age, starting several small scale businesses as a student. The CEO has always had a real interest in health and fitness. With his core team he quickly spotted a gap in the market for a multi-disciplinary fitness event. BodyPower was born!

BODYPOWER UK is one of the biggest fitness expo in the world; bringing together leading brands and athletes in the fitness industry. And they're about to get even bigger. On October 25th, Nick announced the BodyPower has aquired the UK rights FLEX and Muscle & Fitness!

According to Nick's personal Facebook page:

You may have heard that BodyPower are now the publishers of Flex and Muscle & Fitness magazines in the UK. We have big plans for the brands and will be presenting them on Wednesday evening 15th November at BodyPower HQ (CV8 1NP) in two meetings:

1. Meeting one - For federation heads; bodybuilding/ fitness group leaders and promoters from Bodybuilding / fitness competition shows– If you are interested in having your members / shows / competitors featured in the titles, please attend.
2. Meeting two – For contributors and athletes. There is lots of talent in the UK. If you think you should be featured; if you want to write/ contribute, then please attend.

These iconic titles appear on the shelves of WH Smith, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, etc, with 51,000 UK subscribers; 268,000 readers monthly; print 78,000 copies monthly and have millions of followers on social media currently… receives millions of web visitors, has a 750,000 strong database, welcomes around 250,000 actual show visitors globally and we reach 50+ million people - It’s a powerful combination, which I am keen to use to develop UK talent.

This is huge news, as Bodypower is such a large corporation, that they were surely use their influence to breathe life into the print publication world in the UK, as well as improve the market with Nick's vision at the helm. Stay tuned to find out how this plays out over the course of the next few months. With AMI acquiring full ownership of the Olympia, it seems like it's not so uncommon anymore for publishing and deshows to intermingle.