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Bodybuilder Dies after Tearing His Tricep

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Bodybuilder dies from sepsis after tearing his triceps in freak accident

A bodybuilder has died in agony after developing sepsis in a freak training accident. World title hopeful Rodolfo Torres Rojas from Colombia had moved to Perm, in Russia, after marrying a woman he had met online.

But the 31-year-old died from multiple organ failure after developing sepsis following a tear to the triceps in his right arm. Rodolfo’s family claim he was sent home with prescription drugs after treatment at a local clinic, and told he would be fine. Five days later he collapsed with a soaring temperature and acute pain. He would die the next month after spending 20 days in a coma.

His father told Colombian media:

‘We believe that during the clinic’s procedure for pain control, my son was infected with bacteria. ‘This plus some medical negligence, caused his death.’
He added: ‘He was diagnosed with sepsis, the infection progressed through his whole body. ‘His heart had been affected and also part of his brain. At the start, it was thought his arm had to be amputated, but they decided to treat him with medicines. ‘Then his kidneys were affected and he went downhill.’

Rodolfo’s family say they are now appealing to the Colombian government for help in flying his body home. His mother Maria Eugenia Rojas said: ‘His wife Anna called us to tell us that she had been told that my son was in the morgue, so that we ask the national government to help us in the repatriation. ‘The pain is so big. But he is now in God’s hands, and the only thing I want is to bury him here in Colombia.’

Story courtesy of Metro.uk
Images courtesy of Central European News