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Big Ramy Announces 2019 Game Plan

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Since Big Ramy placed 6th at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, he'll need to win a qualifying pro show this year to compete at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. From what we've heard previously, Ramy was originally planning to compete at the New York Pro in May, but recent pictures that surfaced leads many to feel he may not be in the condition he needs to be to step on stage that soon.

Ramy sat down with his new sponsor Dragon Pharma LLC, for an interview in English, which we don’t usually see.

The biggest announcement Ramy shares in this video is that his next competition will be in August. Even though he doesn’t offer any specifics about which show he will be competing in, the only pro men’s bodybuilding competition scheduled in August is the Wings of Strength Yamamoto Nutrition Cup Tampa Pro, which falls on the weekend of August 1. This is also the final qualifying pro men’s bodybuilding show before the 2019 Mr. Olympia, which means Ramy will have to win this show to qualify. One person that could stand in the way of Ramy winning this show is Dexter Jackson, as he's also announced that he'll be competing at this show. If Jackson wins, Ramy will not be eligible to compete at the Olympia.

Other highlights from this interview includes Ramy telling fans how he got started in bodybuilding and his family's feelings on him getting into the sport. He also talks about his thoughts on Shawn Rhoden winning the 2018 Olympia and how things are going with his new trainer Neil “Yoda” Hill.

We rarely get the chance to see the kind of size and condition of Ramy before he hits the Olympia stage so this is very exciting for Ramy fans, as he's competing only six weeks out from the O. In this interview, Ramy says that he feels his best physique was at the 2016 Arnold Classic Europe. From what we hear of the work Neil Hill's doing with Ramy, we expect to see Ramy bring his best package ever at the Tampa Pro!

To learn more about Big Ramy, check out his profile.

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 Some images courtesy of Instagram & YouTube.