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Antoine Vaillant Tears Biceps

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This past weekend, we heard the news that Antoine Vaillant tore the biceps muscle on his right arm. Antoine was about to start doing deadlifts when he found a bunch of heavy sheets of metal on the platform. As he scooped up the metal in both arms to move it away, he didn’t realize it was as heavy as it was, and as he lifted the load, he heard the dreaded Velcro sound of his biceps tearing.

He was with his coach, Dorian Hamilton, when it happened. They knew what had happened, but were hoping for the best, until they could see Antoine’s doctor. Antoine found himself brought to tears as he realized what had just happened. Not only because has he been working incredibly hard over the past two years to get back on track since making his comeback, but he was already shredded and 12 pounds heavier than last year. We knew the plan was to step onstage at this year’s Toronto Pro Super Show, but it turns out Antoine was going to surprise us all by jumping into the New York Pro two weeks from the time of his injury.

It’s been really impressive to see the changes Antoine’s made in his physique this year, and he was feeling great about it. His sights were set on racking up the points and maybe even winning a pro show to earn his Olympia qualification for 2019.

When Antoine first got in to visit his doctor for an ultrasound, he was told they couldn’t see enough of the tissue because he has too much muscle. Now, none of us ever want to be in this situation, but as any bodybuilder would say, it’s the silver lining in a dark cloud when you hear this. Antoine then travelled to Buffalo so he could get an MRI without having to wait. The MRI report shows that Antoine has a “complete tear of the distal biceps tendon. A 13 centimetre segment is still attached to the radial tuberosity with 5 centimetres of retraction and extensive hemorrhaging.”

Antoine isn’t allowing this hurdle to bring him down. We see he’s still training hard while paying close attention to what he can and can’t do, along with help from his coach and friends. With him being a recovering addict, one thing that’s great to hear is that Antoine hasn’t had a single thought of turning to drugs or alcohol as a way of coping with his situation. He plans to stick to his updated meal plan and cardio regimen so that when he’s fully recovered, we’ll see him back onstage as soon as possible. No doubt, it won’t be long before we see him back and better than ever. Surgery is tentatively booked for May 17, so until that time, we’re hoping for a quick and smooth recovery for Antoine.



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