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Antoine Vaillant Is NOT Retiring

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One of Canada’s top bodybuilders and Mr. Olympia competitor, Antoine Vaillant had a bit of a scare with what seemed to be a mysterious heart condition. It appeared that Vaillant’s bodybuilding career was in jeopardy due to his health.

Over the last few months, Vaillant underwent thorough testing by many doctors. Included in his testing was a Calcium Score test, which is a heart exam that checks the state of coronary arteries. It was discovered that he was in the one percentile. This means 99% of people had better results than him for his age and gender. The good news is, Vaillant reported that there were no blockages in his heart but there was minor plaque found in his arteries. As a precaution, Vaillant gets blood work done every four weeks. Everything seems to be stabilized and checks out ok.

Antoine Vaillant is NOT retiring. He has made it clear that his intention was never to step away from the sport or stop training. As a matter of fact, he enjoys it. Vaillant is focused on getting back in the gym and ultimately on the bodybuilding stage. He has no intentions of slowing down and ensured his fans in a recent video that his heart is in good health and that he doesn’t plan to retire from the sport anytime in the near future. 

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