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Recovery In High GEAAR


Product Review – Mutant GEAAR

You work hard in the gym, so you need to recover hard too. Rest and proper nutrition are of course vital for this, but essential amino acid (EAA) supplements are also well-regarded for their ability to support recovery and aid in muscle growth. Mutant’s EAA product, GEAAR, is leading the pack in that department.

EAA products have quickly become a critical component of an athlete’s supplement stack. In short, amino acids are vital for many bodily functions, but of prime interest to athletes is that they’re regarded as the building blocks of protein. Amino acids each perform different roles in the body, such as nutrient absorption and tissue repair and growth.

Although your body needs 20 amino acids to function, nine of these are considered essential because the body doesn’t produce them. These must be obtained through dietary sources. For athletes who train regularly, supplementing with an EAA product can help ensure they’re getting what they need to recover well enough to be able to hit hard workouts day after day.

It’s clear that GEAAR by Mutant was made by athletes for athletes. GEAAR packs a big punch with its ingredients. The amino acids used in GEAAR are derived from fermented plant-based sources, and they use no artificial colours or flavours, making them easier on the digestive system.

Boost Muscle Growth

GEAAR’s ingredient list is impressive. Boasting 10 grams of active ingredients per serving, GEAAR has one of the highest servings of L-leucine on the market at 4 grams. L-leucine is the amino acid most regarded for its role in muscle growth. This amino acid provides a signal to the body that the nutrients are available to start the protein synthesis process. To further support your muscle-building goals, GEAAR also has a higher dose of the other eight amino acids than other products on the market in this category.

Recover Faster, Perform Better

Beyond the EAAs, GEAAR contains an electrolyte blend to support the demands of training and recovery. Ingredients such as coconut water and sea salt and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium all work to help keep you hydrated, a vital factor for strong athletic performance as well as post-training recovery. A clinically recommended dose of 5 milligrams of BioPerine has been included as an absorption agent to ensure the body is able to quickly uptake the active ingredients and put them to use.

Another standout ingredient in GEAAR is its 300 milligrams of L-arginine. Often found in various animal proteins, this not only supports the production of proteins in the body but also plays a role in blood circulation. L-arginine is converted into nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels to promote greater blood flow throughout the body. Nutrients are transported via the blood, making this ingredient especially beneficial for athletes looking to kick-start the recovery process with GEAAR.

Recovery That Tastes Delicious

Orange Rush provides a refreshing flavour that will make you think of the summer months (but really, orange is a reliable—and delicious—flavour all year long). GEAAR is micronized and instantized to deliver a smooth, clear drinking experience. That’s right, no gritty texture or product left in the bottom of your cup.

As part of Mutant’s newest flavour lineup, Orange Rush, GEAAR can be seamlessly stacked with any of the other products in this release. Heading to the gym? Combine a scoop of GEAAR with MADNESS in Orange Rush to kick-start your workout and the recovery process. Just finished a super-intense training session? Mix a scoop of GEAAR with ISO SURGE in Big Orange Dreamsicle for a delicious post-workout shake that’s loaded with the nutrients necessary to start the protein synthesis process and literally fuel muscle growth.

For an added boost of recovery, or just a refreshing drink throughout the day, simply mix one scoop of GEAAR with 8 to 16 ounces of cold water. To take the taste to the next level, try mixing GEAAR with milk and you’ll get a creamy, vanilla hit that will remind you of an orange creamscicle. Use any milk you prefer—cow’s, almond, or cashew would all work perfectly!

Mutant has been putting solid supplements on the market since 2005, so we expect nothing but standout products from the company. GEAAR meets and exceeds these expectations as an EAA supplement. If you’re looking to step up your recovery or break plateaus in your muscle-building progress, GEAAR might be exactly what you need.

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