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Can Erin Stern Make Olympia History?

Roger Lockridge

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On Sunday, August 15th, two-time Figure Olympia champion Erin Stern took to the stage at the 2021 Tahoe Pro, and she left as the champion…of the Bikini division. She not only won, but she placed higher than three-time Olympia champion Ashley Kaltwasser. The top five went as follows.

Winner – Erin Stern

2nd – Ashley Kaltwasser

3rd – Ivanna Escandar Fernandez

4th – Kaley Houdyshell

5th – Breena Martinez

Thanks to placing first at this contest, Stern is now qualified to compete at the 2021 Bikini Olympia. She will return to the big stage for the first time since 2013, where she was the runner up in the Figure Olympia to champion Nicole Wilkins. 


A post shared by Erin Stern (@2x_ms_olympia)

Some fans may be confused because Olympia champions are automatically qualified for life to enter the Olympia as well as any contest he or she fits. That is true within the division that the Olympia was won in. As a Figure competitor, Stern could jump into the Figure Olympia right now and the promoters would simply hand her a number badge and wish her luck as she enters the lineup. 

However, she switched from Figure to Bikini when she returned to the IFBB Pro League in 2020. That means she has to go through the normal qualification process like any other competitor that does not have an Olympia victory to his or her credit. The victory in Nevada at the Tahoe Pro was her first win in her new category, and she is now officially eligible to move on to Orlando as a Bikini contender.

Olympia History is on the Line

When the Mr. Olympia contest debuted in 1965, it was only one contest. The Ms. Olympia was added in 1980, and it would be just those two contests until the Fitness Olympia was introduced in 1998. Over the 20 plus years since, there has been a total of 11 divisions included as a part of what is now known as Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.

With reigning Ms. Bikini Olympia Janet Layug not competing at this year’s contest, Stern is now in a unique position. If Stern was to compete in Orlando, Florida on October 7th through 10th and place first, she would be the first competitor, male or female, to win the Olympia in two different divisions. The athlete that had come the closest to achieving the feat was Monica Brant. She is a former Fitness Olympia winner (1998), and she placed second at the Figure Olympia in 2003 to champion Davina Medina.

The opportunity is there for Stern, but it will still be a challenging task. The lineup is deep with very competitive athletes including former champion Elisa Pecini, Canadian sensations Jennifer Dorie and Lauralie Chapados, and Brazilian star Etila Santiago. The lineup still isn’t complete because there are more competitions to come.

The opportunity is there for Stern. The question is can she do it? Fans that will be watching the Olympia have one more reason to be tuning in to see the action because there is now a chance that history could be made. 

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