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2017 Vancouver Pro Superfeature Review

Jaime Filer
BA Hon Kin

2017 Vancouver Pro Recap

Contest review sponsored by BPI sports 




In 2011, the IFBB revived the Toronto Pro, and Canada became a country that was renowned not only for producing killer pros but also for hosting them! The Toronto Pro SuperShow, as it’s come to be known, has become one of the most substantial shows on the pro circuit, and up until 2015, it was our only claim to fame. Enter the 2015 Vancouver Pro show, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre in the most beautiful city our country has to offer. Now in its third year, and only growing bigger and bigger thanks to the show’s promoter, Michelle Krack, the Van Pro has become a show for some of the biggest names in fitness. Michelle put on an incredible show, with every single division (except Wheelchair) that the IFBB has to offer, and had pros from all over the world competing. As this show was an Olympia qualifier, some of the best in the league showed up to do battle on the West Coast. This year, we held our annual Model Search again, which was as successful as ever! We had over 35 entries, and the event itself garnered almost as much attention as the IFBB Pros on stage.

Speaking of IFBB pros, without further ado, here is our official review of the IFBB Pro events that took place over the course of the weekend. For full photo albums, click here! And for contest results, click here!

Men's Bodybuilding

1. Michael Lockett
2. Regan Grimes
3. Josh Wade

4. Kevin Jordan

5. Branden Ray

After an incredible showing at the Chicago Pro (his first pro win), Michael Lockett solidified his spot as a force to be reckoned with this season by winning back-to-back shows, nailing the W in VanCity this past weekend. He was hard and grainy again, maintaining his conditioning to prove to the judges why he deserved it. Canadian Regan Grimes was fresh off his Pro debut in Chi-town (where he placed 5th), but he tightened up, and bumped himself up to the second place spot. Big surprises in this division were Luke Sandoe, who was poised to be in the top 5 because of his size and conditioning, but ended up taking 13th. Another shocker was Canadian Jonni Shreve, who just won his pro card at Nationals in Alberta, but took 14th in Vancouver. Kevin Jordan, while an incredible bodybuilder, is a tall guy with long limbs, and seems to have a little trouble bringing his leg size up to par with his upper body. But everything has improved on him from last season, and placing 4th in a deep line up like this is impressive.



Men's 212

1. Ricardo Correia
2. Kim Junho
3. Mark Dugdale
4. Nam Eun Cho

5. Al Auguste

Ricardo was the favorite going into this show and if you see his shrink-wrapped skin and freaky size in person, you’ll know why. Kim Junho is a tiny but terrible beast on stage, and gave Ricardo a serious run for his money. He improved his placing from 5th in Chicago to 2nd in Vancouver. Mark Dugdale brought the conditioning that he’s known for, and is continuing to make waves on his way to the Big O stage. It’s hard to believe these guys only weight 212! It’s hard to tell where the potential for this division ends.

Classic Men's Physique

1. Rylong McDuell-Batiste
2. Nelson Lopes

3. Divine Wilson

4. Nick Cortese

5. Stan McQuay

Rylong came out of nowhere to blast the competition away. He was shredded, proportionate, and had a knockout posing routine. Nelson Lopes probably hoped to improve from 5th in Chicago, and he did, moving up to second at this show. Stan McQuay, who’s been in the game forever, also improved his placing, but only by one spot (from 6th to 5th), which could mean the difference between an Olympia qualification or not. Only top 5 get points, so even if it’s an improvement of one spot instead of 3 or 4, if it sneaks you into the top 5, you’re gold!


1. Emma Paveley

2. Ryall Graber

3. Fiona Harris

4. Sara Kovach

5. Shelly Patton

Having placed 1st and 2nd respectively in Chicago, Canadian fitness superstars Ryall Graber and Fiona Harris were taken down one spot by Emma Paveley from England. This little blond bombshell came in like a wrecking ball with a high energy routine, and solid score in the physique round, with a classic balance of poise and presentation, in addition to a beautiful, lean, and feminine look. Ryall has already qualified for the Olympia, and now Emma has received her golden ticket, so it’s up to Fiona, Sara and Shelly to make some serious final pushes to rack up points (or W’s) to get to Vegas!

Men's Physique

1. Anthony Scalza

2. Charlie Francis

3. Kaunaoa McGee

4. Alexander Herrera

5. Kurt Dell


1. Martina Yabekova

2. Maria Sharp

3. Janaina Ferreira

4. Mou Cong

5. Barbara Molyneaux

Women's Physique

1. Jodi Boam

2. Keri Ann Heitzman

3. Evelaine Rocha

4. Emilija Martic

5. Lyris Davis


1. Frida Paulsen Stern

2. Evelyn Mihaly

3. Yulia Berezina

4. Sondra Blockman

5. Lucy Ki