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Isa Pecini to Compete at 2024 Tampa Pro and Texas Pro

We were all shocked when the news broke that Isa Pecini was hospitalized just two and a half weeks prior to the Arnold Classic, causing her to step away from competing in Ohio and the UK. Pecini was diagnosed with appendicitis, leading to an emergency surgery to address the issue.

Through working closely with her coach James Ayotte of Team Atlas, Isa has recovered remarkably well. In fact, her recovery has gone so well that Isa and James took to social media announcing that Pecini will be competing again in roughly 13 weeks’ time. The post read.

And we already have the next competition in sight. We started the prep 8 weeks ago and now we have a little under 13 weeks to go. For those of you who have been following, you saw I had to cut the prep with 2 weeks left this year for surgery. After that, hopefully I will be 100% again to resume prep and even more motivated than before. This show we decided to go to is very special to me for several reasons, and time flies. I have an amazing team with me every day, and we're working to bring the best to the stage. And thank you @teamatlasmtl for showing me that I still have a lot of ground ahead and bringing this motivation back inside me! Thanks too @cruzbodybuilderpro for being with me every day and making me bring my best in every workout. In the best days, but also in the worst days, we leave with duty accomplished and training accomplished! #almostime

James confirmed to Muscle Insider late last night which shows the duo have chosen for Isa to step on stage at once again. Ayotte shared with us that Isa will be competing at the Tampa Pro the weekend of August 1st to 3rd, and then just one week later will be stepping on stage again at the Texas Pro.

All of us here at Muscle Insider are thrilled to see Pecini make a full recovery and look forward to seeing her on stage once again. You can follow Isa on Instagram at @isapecini to follow her journey to the stage. And be sure to follow her coach James Ayotte on Instagram at @teamatlasmtl and @teamatlaslifestyle for even more exciting updates. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for more news as well.

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