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Iain Valliere Competing at the 2022 Vancouver Pro

Iain Valliere had a very successful 2021 competition season, which started for him with a huge win at the 2021 Tampa Pro, earning him a 2021 Olympia qualification. Valliere followed that up the very next week with another big win at the Texas Pro, upsetting the fan favorite Steve Kuclo. In what turned out to be a very tight competition, Iain ended up placing 2nd at the 2021 Arnold Classic, which was moved to September 25th due to Covid restrictions earlier in the year. The year ended up with Valliere placing 7th at the 2021 Mr. Olympia competition that took place in Orlando, Florida in December.

Since he hasn’t competed yet in 2022, Valliere needs to take home a victory to earn his ticket to this year’s Mr. Olympia contest. Valliere recently shared his plans to compete at the 2022 Vancouver Pro Show on July 17th, when he was on Fouad Abiad’s Bro Chat | Real Bodybuilding Podcast, along with Nick Walker and Guy Cisternino. Iain moved to Florida last year with his wife Melissa and brother in-law Chris Bumstead, but Valliere is a native of Ottawa, Ontario. Valliere mentioned that he is very happy with the amount of size he has been able to put on since his 2021 season wrapped up, focusing on beefing up his lower body.

“Last year, I started at 285. I think my legs have probably improved the most, like the quads and adductors, things like that,” Iain Valliere explained.

Many media outlets that cover bodybuilding news seem to find it strange that Valliere would choose the Vancouver Pro Show to compete in, but this makes perfect sense to us. This is somewhat of a homecoming for Iain, as he has competed in Vancouver a couple of times early on in his IFBB Professional career. He placed 4th at the Vancouver Pro Show in both 2018 and 2019. Official competitors lists have not yet been released for the Vancouver Pro Show yet, so we don’t know who Iain will be going up against, but we’re confident that he has a solid chance to take home a victory at this year's show.

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