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Canadas Chances at the 2023 Olympia - Mens Divisions

Roger “Rock” Lockridge

The 2023 Olympia Weekend is less than two weeks away, and athletes and fans alike are packing bags and preparing to gather in Orlando, FL for the big event on Nov. 2-5. We previously shared Canada’s chances on the women’s side of the stage. Now it’s the men’s turn. 8 male Canadians will be onstage in front of the judges and fans, and it will be great to see them represent as some of the best physique athletes in the world. Even though the Men’s Physique Olympia is the biggest on the men’s side, Canada has no athletes in the lineup, but here are those that will represent their home country on the Olympia stage in the other four men’s divisions.


Mr. Olympia

Regan Grimes

With the retirement of Iain Valliere, Regan Grimes will be Canada’s only Men’s Open representative in Orlando. He won the 2023 Europa Pro over Nathan De Asha in a very close contest. Grimes has never finished in the top ten of the Mr. Olympia, but we think this could be the year that may happen. He’s as big as ever, and his round muscle bellies will stand out in the lineup. As long as he comes ripped and ready, good things may come his way.


212 Olympia

Hossein Kalateh

The 212 Olympia will also have one Canadian in the lineup. Hossein Kalateh won the 2023 Van City Pro to earn his spot on the stage, and he beat former Olympia 202 champion David Henry to do it. Henry is a Masters competitor nowadays, but he was still in great shape, which makes Kalateh’s win very impressive. This will be his Olympia debut, but the 2022 Toronto Pro SuperShow 212 winner can make a big impact on the show. There is no reason why he couldn’t be in the top ten and pushing for the top six if he is on point.


Classic Physique Olympia

  • Chris Bumstead
  • Samuel Paquin
  • John Le

If there was a safe bet for Olympia, then the Classic Physique Olympia would be it. Chris Bumstead has won the last four Olympias, and he looks to be in his best form yet going into the 2023 contest. Many people think win number five is a lock, and the only question is if he will continue competing after this year. We don’t think it will be a cakewalk for C-Bum, but we do have him as our favorite to win the title.

As for Samuel Paquin and John Le, they will both be competing on the Olympia stage for the first time. If they manage to break into the top 15 of this near 40-man lineup, that will be worthy of a tip of the cap.


Wheelchair Olympia

The Wheelchair Olympia will also have three men in the lineup, but this division has been dominated by Harold Kelley, who will be hunting for his sixth consecutive win. Woody Belfort has been as high as sixth on the Olympia stage, and Tory Jones was eighth in 2022. Both men could make a first callout if they are in great shape. Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri will make his Olympia debut, and a first callout for him isn’t out of the question, either. We think Kelley will be successful in his quest for number six, but he could have three Canadians in his callout.

  • Mohammadreza Tabrizi Nouri
  • Woody Belfort
  • Tory Jones

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