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2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow Wellness Results

Johnny Styles "The Godfather of Wellness"

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The 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow played host to over 150 IFBB Pro athletes, across all 11 divisions. This is one of the rare IFBB Pro Shows that highlights all professional categories in one show. We can discuss the other categories in a future recap, but right now we are looking at IFBB Pro Wellness division. As we mentioned in our Wellness predictions last week, we witnessed 14 stunning Wellness athletes take to the stage on Sunday, June 9th. Once again, we turn to Johnny Styles “The Godfather of Wellness” to give us a break down of the results.

Alexis Nicole

When 2024 Toronto SuperShow Wellness ladies were finished their final confirmation round, just as it was predicted, Alexis Nicole gets the win and is going back to her second Olympia! She took a long offseason to work on what she needed to work on, and that was size. While she still has some growing to do especially in her glutes and hamstrings, she brought just enough to snag a win here. Her entire presentation was right in point. Will Alexis crack the top 10 at the Olympia? Some say yes, while others say let’s wait and see.

Carlotta Antonelli

In second place, we have Carlotta Antonelli. There’s no doubt that Antonelli has made huge improvements in her physique this year, with many bodybuilding fans thinking she could even upset Nicole for the victory at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow. Carlotta is from Italy and has done very well in many European competitions. On this year’s Toronto stage, her overall conditioning was spot on. While she does need to build up her quads a little more, she has full glutes and nice lines in her hamstrings. Carlotta might need to fix some issues with her posing and her walkout, and her calves can always get better as well. I would love to see her doing more shows in North America.

Celeste Chandler

In third place, we have Canada's own Celeste Chandler. I told y’all about her after seeing her in person at the Miami Pro show just a short time ago. While she’s still a rookie in her first year competing in the IFBB Pro Wellness division, Chandler manages to hold her own in a very tough lineup of women. She has plenty of room to evolve in this category, and with Coach Chris Gurunlian in her corner, we expect to see more from her in the future.

Esmeralda Ochoa Diaz

To many fans in the audience, the one that was the real surprise of the show was Esmeralda Diaz. As you may remember though, it was the Godfather of Wellness that coined Diaz as my dark horse for this show. She is another rookie coming from Mexico. Believe it or not, this is the first time competing outside of her home country and making her IFBB Pro debut at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow. Diaz really held her own in this lineup, with beautiful stage presence. She has insane potential, but just needs time. More size in her glutes and hamstring development and the rest will all come together. We look forward to seeing more from Esmeralda in the future.

Toronto Pro SuperShow Weekend

This was an amazing weekend, with all the athletes telling us how much they love the Toronto Pro SuperShow. The weekend is organized and run so well, that many of the international competitors told us they will be coming back to compete at this show again in the future. Be sure to check out Muscle Insider for all the action. We have updates on the Muscle Insider website, as well as on our social media platforms. You’ll find us on Instagram @muscleinsider and catch our interviews on the Muscle Insider YouTube channel. Of course, we want to thank Grindstone Blends for sponsoring our contest coverage of the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow.

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