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2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow Results


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What a weekend! The 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow was one for the books, as it was such a great show all around. There are so many good things to say about this show, so we’ll try to cover off as much as possible, without writing a novel. With the event taking place at the Delta Toronto Airport and Conference Centre on Sunday, June 9th, for the Pro Show and the Pro Qualifier the day before on Saturday, June 8th.

Why Compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow?

Whether you are an amateur athlete seeking to earn your IFBB Pro Card, or an IFBB Pro wanting to earn your way to the 60th Anniversary of The Olympia in Las Vegas, October 10th, and 11th, there are many benefits of choosing to compete at this show. As an amateur, if you are to win the overall title in your category, you then could step onto the IFBB Pro stage the very next day. For all the IFBB Pro athletes, this is one of the few shows around the world that plays host to all 11 categories. Another benefit is that since there is a Pro Qualifier the day before the Pro Show, that means IFBB Pro athletes have two days to load up before show day, which can be hugely beneficial.

Toronto Pro Qualifier Results

This year we saw some incredible numbers of athletes competing, as well as a packed audience witnessing 18 amateurs being awarded IFBB Pro Cards. Over 340 athletes travelled from across the country and even a number of international competitors made the journey. The calibre of athletes was very impressive throughout all categories. We’ll give you a run down of the full list of athletes that earned their IFBB Pro Cards this weekend. Unfortunately, there were not enough competitors registered for Fitness and Women’s Bodybuilding for the winners to earn their IFBB Pro Cards.

  • Kyley Chymko – Women’s Physique Masters 35+
  • Shannon Ahle – Women’s Physique Overall
  • Kim Gramlich – Figure Masters 35+
  • Maïa Alleyne – Figure Overall
  • Sarah Riche – Wellness Masters 35+
  • Olivia Oneid – Wellness Overall
  • Cara Saunders – Wellness Second Pro Card
  • Angel Sun – Bikini Masters 35+
  • Prescilla Deschenes – Bikini Overall
  • Aj Myles – Bikini Second Pro Card
  • Kristof Hornos – Wheelchair Bodybuilding
  • Smith Jean-Pierre – Men’s Physique Masters 35+
  • Heracles Glaude – Men’s Physique Overall
  • David Cai – Men’s Physique Second Pro Card
  • Can Atakan Yagci – Classic Physique Masters 35+
  • Sebastien Bertin – Classic Physique Overall
  • Tyler Wonnacott – Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 35+
  • Skylar Schumm – Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

Toronto Pro Show Results

We were shocked when we saw the lineup with over 150 IFBB Pros coming to compete at the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow, coming from all over the world. We saw athletes coming from destinations such as Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and many other countries. With speaking to so many of the IFBB Pros during and after the show, a common theme that everyone told me is that they expect to return to compete in Toronto again in the future. The show is so well organized, athletes feel taken care of, and the Promoter Ron Hache just simply does an excellent job putting on a successful show. You can find our full recap of the IFBB Pro Wellness division results from Johnny styles here. As for the other categories, let’s go through the results below. As this is an Official Olympia Qualifying Pro Show, all IFBB Pros that win their open categories will earn their ticket to Olympia this coming October. This year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow also hosted all IFBB Pro Masters 35+ categories, although these winners do not earn a spot to Olympia.

Women’s Bodybuilding

It what felt like a story book ending, it was Ava Melillo making her IFBB Pro Debut that displayed such an undeniable physique, she earned a clear victory in Women’s Bodybuilding. This means we will see her making her first appearance this year on the Olympia stage. Melillo was able to earn a decisive victory over solid competition from runner-up Sheen Ohlig and third place Nadia Copotosto.

Masters 35+ winner: Gabriela (Gaby) Pena De La Vega

Women’s Physique

Hailing all the way from Australia, it was another IFBB Pro Debut by Tracey Guile that walked away with the IFBB Pro Women’s Physique division championship title, in Masters 35+ and Open. She was ecstatic with her victory, and we cannot wait to see her bring that energy to the Olympia in October. This was a remarkably close battle, decided by just one point from the judges, leaving Olivia Bian coming in second place, and third place going to Robyn Mays.

Masters 35+ winner: Tracey Guile


It was the IFBB Pro Figure division that was the largest category, with 23 women taking the stage. With a very impressive lineup of athletes, we did see a unanimous decision on the top 3 placings. When all was said and done, it was Lena Ramsteiner that punched her ticket to Olympia. Lena’s conditioning was on point. Maggie Watson brought in a very elegant look to accompany her beautiful physique, earning her the runner-up spot. We expected big things from Manon Dutilly coming into this show and she did not disappoint. She has incredible shape and muscle maturity, earning her the third-place finish.

Masters 35+ winner: Amanda Winston


In what was another large group of ladies, the IFBB Pro Bikini category had 20 ladies take to the stage. We said that Maxine Somov would be the one to watch at the Toronto Pro SuperShow this year, and she was even more than we expected. Since we saw her last year at the Vancouver Pro, where she gave Ashley Kaltwasser a run for her money, she has made significant improvements to her physique. Somov undeniably earned the top spot in this lineup, and we look forward to seeing what she and her coach James Ayotte of Team Atlas will bring to the Olympia stage in October. Cassandra De La Rosa made her way to Toronto all the way from Mexico and is returning home with a very well deserved second-place finish. We look forward to seeing more from Cassandra on IFBB Pro Bikini stages in the future. It was Anna Setlak that turned out to be a bit of a surprise to us, as we did not have her on our radar to place in the top 5, but she presented a beautiful physique on stage in Toronto, which earned her a solid third place. We need to keep a closer eye on Setlak in the future as she progresses in her IFBB Pro Bikini career.

Masters 35+ winner: Czarina Valenzuela

Wheelchair Bodybuilding

This weekend brought us a very special experience in the Wheelchair Bodybuilding category from the newest IFBB Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder Kristof Hornos. During the Toronto Pro Qualifier on Saturday, Hornos was the only competitor in his category, which under normal circumstances would mean that he would not be eligible to earn his IFBB Pro Card. The rules state that there must be at least 5 athletes competing for the winner to be awarded the coveted IFBB Pro Card. Fortunately, Wheelchair Bodybuilding Chairman Nick Scott was in attendance at the Toronto Pro SuperShow to catch all the action. He was so impressed with the physique that Kristof presented on stage during the Pro Qualifier, that he met with head judge Becky Clawson to discuss the option of petitioning the IFBB Pro League for Hornos to be awarded his IFBB Pro Card. After this meeting and photo submissions to IFBB Pro Vice President Tyler Manion directly, everyone was in full agreement that Kristof was indeed deserving of an IFBB Pro Card. This proved to be a bit of a Cinderella story, as Hornos went on to the Sunday Pro Show and ended up winning the show over runner-up Eugenio Molino of Italy.

Men’s Physique

This was a highly competitive group of men taking the stage, but it was Drew Cullen that was a true stand out as the clear winner. After experiencing a couple of tough losses earlier this year, he brought the shape and conditioning that left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he deserved the win and the ticket to Olympia. Second place went to Chevy Phillips of Canada, who had just taken first place in the Masters 35+ category moments earlier. Phillips displayed a solid physique with nice, dense muscle bellies, but his conditioning was just not at the level that Cullen brought on this day. Rounding out the top 3 was another Canadian Kimani Victor. If he’s looking to take home a victory at future IFBB Pro Shows, it looks like he needs to add a bit more depth to his shoulders and bring in sharper conditioning. Keep your eyes on this guy though, as he has potential to do very well.

Masters 35+ winner: Chevy Phillips

Classic Physique

Coming into the Toronto Pro SuperShow, in Classic Physique we anticipated seeing Canadian Blake Course to be the one walking away with the championship title, but he was edged out by Niall Darwen of the United Kingdom. After turning pro in 2022, Darwen went on to compete in the Arnold Classic UK later that same year, only to finish in last place. He took the time to build up his physique, made the trip to here to compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow and earned his first IFBB Pro victory and is now getting ready to make his way to Olympia. Blake Course was no slouch in this show, as he brought an impressive physique to the stage, making this a tight battle for first place. Both men had great shape, muscle development, and insane conditioning, but we think it was Darwen’s small waist that gave him an insane v-taper to secure the victory. German Pastor came in third place and was also impressive but was not on par with the other two. This was clearly a battle between Darwen and Course.

Masters 35+ winner: Can Atakan Yagci (earned his IFBB Pro Card the day before)

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

Now this was a lineup that was stacked! On any given day, half of these men could have walked away with an easy victory, but on this day, it was Giuseppe Christian Zagarella of Italy that finished in top spot. This was a hard-fought battle between all the top 5 competitors, but Zagarella just had the complete package, earning him a trip to Olympia. Travelling all the way from Columbia to compete at the Toronto Pro SuperShow was Esteban Fuquene. Now this guy is solid and obviously made the most of the two-day loading, where he hit the Friday weigh in right on the mark by coming into registration at 211 pounds. By the time show day came on Sunday, he was pushing 218 pounds. This was a close competition, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing Fuquene earning his way to Olympia in the near future. Taking home the third-place finish in Toronto, was Canadian Hossein Kalateh. Now, here's an athlete that was amped for the stage. Kalateh brought amazing energy and passion to his posing but needs to bring in a tighter mid-section if he wants to take home a victory.

Masters 35+ winner: Ricardo Correia

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

One athlete in this Open Bodybuilding lineup that we were looking to see improve upon their fourth-place finish from last year’s Toronto Pro SuperShow is Robin Strand. Competing on his home turf, Strand was coming into this show looking solid and well-conditioned. Unfortunately, he finished this show in fourth place again. John Jewett looked great on stage, with nice density and very good conditioning in his lower body. While his hamstrings and glutes were insane, his upper body could have been just a bit sharper. The battle for the championship really came down to the top two, and they both had something to prove here. Finishing in second place was another Canadian Quinton Eriya, looking to make up for a disappointing sixth-place finish at the New York Pro. He did make significant improvements in size and conditioning, in what really was a short time between shows. But the man with the master plan this weekend was none other than Akim Williams. Earlier this year Williams finished with an impressive sixth-place finish, but he came to Toronto with only one thing in mind… he wanted to earn that ticket back to the Olympia stage. His sheer size and volume of muscle, paired with some solid conditioning proved to be unbeatable. We look forward to seeing what he can do on the Olympia stage later this year.

Masters 35+ winner: Brent Swansen

Toronto Pro SuperShow Weekend

You can find all the details and photos from the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow weekend on the Muscle Insider website, as well as on our social media. You’ll find us on Instagram @muscleinsider and catch our interviews on the Muscle Insider YouTube channel. Of course, we want to thank Grindstone Blends for sponsoring our contest coverage of the 2024 Toronto Pro SuperShow.

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