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2023 Rising Phoenix and Arizona Pro Results

The 2023 Rising Phoenix and Arizona Pro shows feature all the best of the women’s side of bodybuilding, The 2023 edition was held on Saturday, Sept. 30 in Chandler, Arizona. Olympia promoter Jake Wood also promotes this show, and it delivered six great IFBB Pro League contests. Here's a glimpse at what happened over the weekend.


Rising Phoenix

Andrea Shaw is halfway home on her quest for a repeat four-peat. She won the Rising Phoenix World Championship for the fourth consecutive year with Angela Yeo finishing as the runner-up for the second straight year. Based on how they looked onstage, the gap between Shaw and Yeo appeared to be closer than it was one year ago, but Shaw was the clear winner in the eyes of the judges. Michaela Aycock took home third place, MayLa Ash finished in the four-spot, and Chelsea Dion rounded out the top five.

  1. Andrea Shaw
  2. Angela Yeo
  3. Michaela Aycock
  4. MayLa Ash
  5. Chelsea Dion


Arizona Pro

Women’s Physique

The other divisions in this show were under the Arizona Pro banner, including the Women’s Physique division. Alex Hall left the stage with the win and 2023 Olympia qualification over early favorite Ji Hye Lee. Yuna Kim rounded out the top three.

  1. Alex Hall
  2. Ji Hye Lee
  3. Yuna Kim
  4. Winsome White
  5. Joanna Romano



As many fans expected, Stephanie Jones was crowned champion of the Fitness show. We had Sally Kendall-Williams predicted as the runner-up, but we didn’t see Corina Harkelroad coming. She was very impressive in this contest, and she would be named runner-up. Kristin Pope took home bronze in this show.

  1. Stephanie Jones
  2. Corina Harkelroad
  3. Kristin Pope
  4. Kayla Rossi
  5. Sally Kendall-Williams



The Figure division was very competitive, but the title would ultimately go to Rhea Gayle, who sealed the deal with a perfect score from the judges in this single-round contest. Shanice Abrams showed why many people see her as an Olympia contender by finishing as the runner-up. Paula Rojo, Christine Stearns, and Nikki McGuire rounded out the top five in that order.

  1. Rhea Gayle
  2. Shanice Abrams
  3. Paula Rojo
  4. Christine Stearns
  5. Nikki McGuire



The upset of the weekend may be in the Bikini division, where it was expected to come down to Daraja Hill and Reijuana Harley. Iluia Baba had different plans and showed up in the best shape of her pro career. She upset Harley in a one-point decision to take the win and Bikini Olympia qualification that came with it. Hill finished in third place.

  1. Iluia Baba
  2. Reijunaa Harley
  3. Daraja Hill
  4. Lacy Rutland
  5. Reyan Perez Mecalco



The Wellness champion of the Arizona Por was Andrea Hrenko, who took the top honors over Mariha Lyons. Rosa Munoz settled for the number three position, but she did also win the Over 40 title in this show. As for Hrenko, she will join the rest of the qualified athletes in the Wellness Olympia in Orlando, Florida on Nov. 2-5.

  1. Andrea Hrenko
  2. Mariha Lyons
  3. Rosa Munoz
  4. Jenna de Manincor
  5. Jennifer Zollars

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