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2023 Masters Olympia Update - Olympia Qualification Age Change More

Roger “Rock” Lockridge

The 2023 Masters Olympia is going to take place on the weekend of Aug. 26-27 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Ten IFBB Pro League divisions will feature Masters Olympia competitors from around the world as they compete for the judges and fans watching. It turns out that they will now be competing for more than that. We’ve learned a few updates recently that may raise the eyebrows and garner attention of Masters athletes in the sport.

Prize Money

The Masters Olympia shared on Instagram that the prize money to be awarded will total $229,000 USD. There is no breakdown of how that money will be awarded, but anytime money is on the line, it raises the competitors’ level of effort and commitment. We will provide further updates when we get word on what the prize money per division looks like.

2023 Olympia Qualification

Aside from the honor of being called 2023 Masters Olympia Champion, there will now be 2023 Olympia qualifications up for grabs. Each of the winners in the ten divisions will now be invited to compete on the big stage – the 2023 Olympia in Orlando, FL. That contest will take place the weekend of Nov. 2-5 in Orlando.

This is significant, especially for the Masters-aged competitors that are still active in the sport. If they want to earn a trip to the Olympia, this trip to Romania may provide it. It’s one more chance than they had before, and with the Olympia Qualification Points System no longer in play, each show is that much more precious of an opportunity.

Masters Men’s Open Age Limit Change

Speaking of ages, you may have read that all of the divisions had an age minimum of 40 except for the Men’s Open, which was 45. The Masters Olympia promoters have now changed that from 45 to 40 as well. Fans may not realize how significant this is because of the lack of attention paid to how old these competitors are. This is a big deal because some of the biggest stars of the current era of bodybuilding will now be eligible to apply for entry into this contest. Names such as Phil “The Gift” Heath (age 43), Brandon Curry (age 40), William Bonac (age 40), and Shaun Clarida (age 40), who has competed in two open shows already and won one. The field for the Masters Olympia could get a lot of attention if any of those men add their names to the lineup.

Competitors have until April 10th to submit their applications. The rosters will be announced on April 24th. Stay tuned to Muscle Insider for further updates on the Masters Olympia as they develop.

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