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2022 Toronto Pro SuperShow Report

Less than six months after the 2021 Toronto Pro was held, the 2022 edition of the contest took place on Sunday, June 5th in Toronto, ON. 75 IFBB Pro League competitors across all 11 pro divisions faced the judges and audience with aspirations of qualifying for the 2022 Olympia. In the end, 11 champions were crowned and they will all move on to Las Vegas in December. Here’s a brief look back at what happened.

Men’s Open

This contest was Mohamed Shaaban’s to either win or lose, and he showed up as expected. His quads were large and ripped. He looked impressive in the back shots, and as a result, he was placed first in both rounds. Theo Leguerrier and Andrea Muzi had a nice battle for second place. Muzi was ahead after prejudging, but Leguerrier would seal the deal in the finals. Muzi finished in third place.

1. Mohamed Shaaban (USA & Egypt)

2. Theo Leguerrier (France)

3. Andrea Muzi (Italy)

4. Dorian Haywood (USA)

5. Slavoj Bednar (Czech Republic)

212 Division

Only four men competed in the 212 contest, and none of them were household names. Hossein Kolateh of New Westminster, BC seized the opportunity and secured the win. Murat Gonal would take second place and secure Olympia Qualification points as well. 

1. Hossein Kolateh (New Westminster, B.C. Canada)

2. Murat Gonal (Ontario, Canada)

3. Kentaro Kuramochi (Japan)

4. Junho Kim (Korea)

Classic Physique

Tyler Johnson showed up and showed out. Only one round was scored in this contest, and Johnson nailed the peak perfectly. There were eight men in the field, but all of them were impressive. Hyoung Joo Kwon finished in the silver spot while Cody Amey took third place.

1. Tyler Johnson (St. Catherines, ON Canada)

2. Hyoung Joo Kwon (Korea)

3. Cody Amey (Burlington, ON Canada)

4. Kellen Wilson (Surrey, B.C. Canada)

5. Eric Abelon (USA)

Men’s Physique

From the time Mehdi Kabbadj walked out onstage, everyone else was competing for second place. His V-taper was impressive, and he showed the confidence that a champion needs to show. Reuben Glass and Chevy Phillips rounded out the top three.

1. Mehdi Kabbadj (California, USA)

2. Reuben Glass (USA)

3. Chevy Phillips (Ontario, Canada)

4. Lamar McNeal Smith (USA)

5. Francisco de la Cruz (Halifax, NS Canada)


There was no one in the Wheelchair division when our preview was published, but Woody Belfort came to compete. However, he was alone onstage. He had no control over who showed up, so he takes the first-place spot unopposed.

1. Woody Belfort (Quebec, Canada)

Women’s Bodybuilding

Four women came to Toronto to pose down in the women’s bodybuilding contest. Had it not been for Michelle Brent jumping in late in the week, our top three predictions would’ve been spot on. We saw Lisa Kudrey coming into the contest ready to win, and she did just that. Michelle Jin took runner-up honors.

1. Lisa Kudrey (Windsor, ON Canada)

2. Michelle Jin (USA)

3. Michelle Brent (USA)

4. Gisela Nunes Chan (China)

Women’s Physique

The women’s physique showdown was one that everyone enjoyed witnessing. The difference between first and second was only one point. Ji Hye Lee was able to sneak by Emilija Martic to claim the win. Eleonor Dobrinina took the bronze position.

1. Ji Hye Lee (Korea)

2. Emilija Martic (Surrey, B.C. Canada)

3. Eleonora Dobrinina (Mississauga, ON Canada)

4. Jody Johanson (Canada)

5. Jazmin Lira Flores (Mexico)

10, Mindi O'Brien (Niagara Falls, Canada)


Michigan’s Stephanie Jones wanted this win really bad, and she wasn’t going to let any of the other four athletes stand in her way. She placed second in the physique round, but her routine pulled her ahead to claim the victory. Giorgia Foroni won the physique round, but was scored in a tie for third for her routine. This was the difference for Jones to take the win and Olympia qualification.

1. Stephanie Jones (USA)

2. Giorgia Foroni (Italy)

3. Danielle DaCosta (Ontario, Canada)

4. Abby Bolton (Ontario, Canada)

5. Corina Harkelroad (USA)


Another close contest was in the Figure division. Hanwool Park and Mandy Urner went back and forth in comparisons. Park would ultimately be the last woman standing, but Umer had first place votes as well. The difference between first and second was three points.

1. Hanwool Park (Korea)

2. Mandy Urner (B.C. Canada)

3. Valerie Ratelle (Burlington, Ontario Canada)

4. Yelena Larina (USA)

5. Melissa Cech (Victoria, B.C. Canada)


2013 and 2014 Toronto Pro Bikini winner Ashley Kaltwasser wanted to add a third win to her 33 pro victories, and she made this weekend’s title number 34. Kaltwasser looked incredible from start to finish. Ha Yeun Kim may have looked the best she has yet, but the champ was too much to overcome. Mexico’s Eli Fernandez finished in third place.

1. Ashley Kaltwasser (USA)

2. Ha Yeun Kim (Korea)

3. Eli Fernandez (Mexico)

4. Marie Eve-Duchesneau (Quebec, Canada)

5. Jodie Jean Yunker (USA))


Kassandra Gillis of Maple Ridge, BC was a favorite for this contest, and she didn’t let her fans down. This is her third victory as a pro, and she will move on to the Olympia this year thanks to this win. Accepting second place was Emily Azzarello, and taking third was Anne Marie Gobeil.

1. Kassandra Gillis (B.C. Canada)

2. Emily Azzarello (Guelph, Ontario Canada)

3. Anne Marie Gobeil (Quebec, Canada)

4. Daniela Deiana (Italy)

5. Normarie Fonseca (Puerto Rico)

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