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2022 Optimum Classic Pro Report

Roger Lockridge

Fans in Shreveport, Louisiana were treated to some top-notch physique action at the 2022 Optimum Classic. Four IFBB Pro League divisions were on display, and qualifications to the 2022 Olympia were on the line. Here’s a quick recap of the action that went down on Saturday, May 21st.

Classic Physique

The Classic Physique contest came down to three men – Carlos Dommar, Kelvin Hinde, and Tony Davis. All three represented their division very well at this show, but Dommar had the best combination of size, conditioning, and posing to take the title and trip to Las Vegas for the Olympia. Hinde and Davis rounded out the top three, and they will be in the mix for other titles later this season, should they decide to compete again.

1. Carlos Dommar

2. Kelvin Hinde

3. Tony Davis

4. Andrew Wilson

5. Danill Famponte


The expectations going in was that the contest would be between Eli Fernandez and Lucia Malavaze. However, Jessica Jones was making her pro debut, and she was in the mix immediately for the win. In the end, Malavaze would get her second pro victory and qualify for her second Olympia. She will now look to build on her 10th place finish at that contest one year ago. Jones came in second, and Fernandez settled for the bronze position.

1. Lucia Malavaze

2. Jessica Jones

3. Eli Fernandez

4. Janine Herrera

5. Lesley Billups

Men’s Physique

Fourth-year pro Benquil Marigny had been in the mix for several shows, but he had been unable to seal the deal with a win. That is, until now. Marigny looked his best by far, and he held off Reuben Glass to win the Men’s Physique title in Louisiana. Precontest favorite Joshua Guidry came in third place, with Mehdi Kabbadj and Chevy Phillips completing the top five.

1. Benquil Marigny

2. Reuben Glass

3. Joshua Guidry

4. Mehdi Kabbadj

5. Chevy Phillips

Women’s Physique

Last but not least is the Women's Physique division. Marie Solange-Essoh had traditionally competed in Masters contests, but she placed second in the main division at the 2021 Atlantic Coast Pro. She opted to jump into the main division at this contest as well, and the result is her first IFBB Pro League victory, and she will compete in her first Olympia this December. It wasn’t without a push from runner-up Jessica Martin, who gave it all she had. The rest of the top five finishers are below.

1. Marie Solange-Essoh

2.Jessica Martin

3. Yarelis Ramos Perez

4. Maria Barba

5. Donna Williams

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