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2022 Olympia Preview and Predictions - Womens Divisions

The 2022 Olympia Weekend will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming weekend, December 16th and 17th, and 11 pro divisions will compete for the honor of being the best in the world – Olympia champions!

We previewed and gave predictions for the men’s lineups, and now we’re going to cover the women’s divisions. Six champions enter the weekend with titles, and all six hope to retain their championships while a variety of world-class contenders hope to hear “and new” at the end of their showdowns. THe full rosters can be seen at www.mrolympia.com, but here’s who we think will leave with gold medals and first place trophies at the end of the weekend.


Ms. Olympia

Andrea Shaw has already beaten her contemporaries once this season when she won her third-straight Rising Phoenix championship. Unless she is way off the mark at the Olympia, she will repeat a three-peat by winning her third straight Ms. Olympia, and becoming the fifth woman to win three Ms. Olympia titles. The others are Iris Kyle, Lenda Murray, Kim Chizevsky-Nicholls, and Cory Everson.

  1. Andrea Shaw
  2. Helle Trevino
  3. Margie Martin
  4. Angela Yeo
  5. Chelsea Dion


Women’s Physique

Like Shaw, Sarah Villegas has dominated the Women’s Physique division, and she will also likely leave Las Vegas as a three-time champion. However, a new face will stand alongside her in the top two. Brooke Walker will move up past former runner-up Natalia Abraham Coelho to take second place this year. You can see the rest of the top five below.

  1. Sarah Villegas
  2. Brooke Walker
  3. Natalia Abraham Coelho
  4. Barbara Menage
  5. Ivie Rhein



Canada’s own Missy Truscott hopes to regain her title that she lost one year ago to now three-time champion Whitney Jones, but Ariel Khadr is on the move after winning the Fitness International title at the Arnold Classic. Truscott and Jones have both won the Arnold and Olympia in the same year, and we think that will happen in 2022. Khadr will cap her year by winning her first Olympia, with Truscott placing second.

  1. Ariel Khadr
  2. Missy Truscott
  3. Whitney Jones
  4. Oksana Grishina
  5. Tamara Vahn



The easiest prediction of all 11 divisions could be with the Figure division. Cydney Gillon has dominated this show five different times, and we don’t see anyone knocking her off the top spot this year, either. What will be interesting is the battle for second through fifth. Stephanie Gibson can, and we think will, move up one spot to second this year, with Natalia Soltero rounding out the top three. Watch for Minna Pajulahti and Nicole Zenobia Graham to compete the top five at the end of the show.

  1. Cydney Gillon
  2. Stephanie Gibson
  3. Natalia Soltero
  4. Minna Pajulahti
  5. Nicole Zenobia Graham



The Bikini division will be the most competitive of them all. Four past Olympia champions will be facing each other as well as this year’s Bikini International winner, Lauralie Chapados. Like the Fitness division, we think this contest will feature Canadians in the top two, and we also think a new champion will be crowned here. Chapados will win her fourth show of the year, and the biggest of them all, the Bikini Olympia. The four past champions will round out the top five.

  1. Lauralie Chapados
  2. Jennifer Dorie
  3. Janet Layug
  4. Ashley Kaltwasser
  5. Elisa Pecini



The second Wellness Olympia will see defending champion Francielle Mattos face off against this year’s Arnold Classic winner, Isabelle Nunes, as well as fan favorites Sunny Andrews and Yarishna Ayala, and last year’s runner-up, Angela Borges. We think the second contest will conclude with a second champion, and Nunes will take her first Olympia win in Las Vegas! Mattos will claim second with Andrews taking the bronze medal and third-place honors.

  1. Isabelle Nunes
  2. Francielle Mattos
  3. Sunny Andrews
  4. Angela Borges
  5. Yarishna Ayala

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