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Muscle Diet

Mark Gilbert BSc (Nutrition)
Mark is an expert in sports nutrition and dietary supplements. He has over 20 years of experience working with the biggest names in the bodybuilding industry.
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Maximizing Creatine

The Creatine Pioneers

When it comes to creatine, there are two big scientific brains who have brought creatines' muscle-building results to bodybuilders. Their names are Dr. Roger Harris and Dr. Paul Greenhaff. Dr. Harris was the first man to show that creatine supplementation increased creatine levels in muscle and in the early 1990's Hultman and Greenhaff showed that these increased levels of creaine improved exercise performance dramatically. I worked briefly with Dr. Greenhaff many years ago.

Creatine + Carbs

Dr. Greenhaff had a patent on combining creatine with "fast" carbohydrates - also known as "high-GI carbohydrates". "Fast carbohydrates" are those that increase blood sugar quickly, like dextrose (glucose), Maltodextrin and some waxy maize starches. You see, when you add "fast" carbs to creatine in sufficient quantities (over 75 grams), you jack up insulin and drive more creatine into the muscle and keep it there - and that means more muscle mass and strength!

Hey Creatine Non Responders: Read This!

Dr. Greenhaff also showed that when you mix creatine with these large doses of fast carbs, people who wouldn't otherwise benefit from creatine (so called "non-responders"), get the same benefits as other creatine users.

57g Carbs + 14g Hydrolyzed Protein + 7g Leucine + 7g Phenylalanine: Unlocking The Benefits of Creatine

Well, Dr. Greenhaff recently looked at another strategy for getting maximum creatine into the muscle. He compared the proven high-carb/creatine combination with a different combination of nutrients. Specifically, he compared it to a smaller amount of
carbs (57 grams) + 14 grams of hydrolysed protein (protein that is partially pre-digested so as to be absorbed more quickly) + 7 grams of each of the amino acids leucine and phenylalanine. The result was that the creatine with hydrolysed protein and amino acids worked just as well as using the big whack of carbs! So for those who don't want to eat crazy amounts of carbs but DO want to max the creatine levels in their muscles, mix this concoction up!

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50g Carbs + 50g Protein vs. 100g Carbs

Oh ya, by the way, Greenhaff also showed about 10 years ago that equal amounts of creatine and protein (about 50g of whey and about 50g of carbs) also worked just as well as almost 100g of carbs to increase creatine levels in muscle. So that's yet another option and you could probably get away with less whey protein that that, especially if you added some leucine or BCAAs.

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