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The Informant

The Informant
The identity of the informant can't be revealed. He works in the supplement industry and he's here to blow the whistle on supplement corruption!
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QUESTION: I recently got back into training after a year lay off and finally decided to get back into the gym. I started using the pre-workout powder I had before I stopped. It used to taste delicious, but it now tastes like ass! I checked the expiration date, and it’s still good. Is something wrong with my product or has it gone bad?

ANSWER: When it comes to flavors, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. There are basically three different types of flavor technology used in powder applications: plated, spray dried, and encapsulated. The first type (plated flavors) has good quality and consistency, lasting usually 6-8 months, but quickly diminishes afterwards. It’s also significantly less expensive than the other two. The second type (spray dried flavors) lasts approximately one year and is more expensive than plated flavors. Finally, encapsulated flavors are the Ferrari of flavors. They last 3 years and don’t activate until they’re in contact with moisture (e.g. water in your shaker cup). Most supplement companies use plated flavors in their pre-workout and post-workout products due to the high cost of these products and the expectation that the consumer will use it all within 30-60 days. The pre-workout powder you bought was likely inexpensive and made using “plated flavors,” and, as a result, you’ve experienced the degradation that occurs with the cheaper plated flavors. But let me be clear on this: It’s just the flavor profile that had diminished in the product – not the effectiveness. Man up and drink ‘er back!